Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update || Catching Up

A bloggers block is really annoying. I’ve been experiencing this for at least 2 months. I lost it there for a moment, didn’t know what to blog about, having that stupid cursor keep blinking at me for hours without any words being written. At one point I started to give a little up. No bueno! 

But then I remembered something… NEVER GIVE UP!

So finally I got the chance to sit down and finally words started to write themselves and blogposts started to form. It’s true what they say a clean home creates a clean mind. No stress, no pressure.

As you may have noticed I’ve been blogging for a whole week now and I’m really happy to. Hopefully I can sit, write and plan once a week so that Life Fascinations can actually gain some life back.

As most of you know I love making video’s. So while I was experiencing my bloggers block I had some great ideas for my YouTube channel which by the way just reached its 100th subscribers. I filmed some videos that I haven’t share online here and 2 of them are tutorials.

So for today I have 2 tutorials for you that you might have missed. The first one is sexy gold & red look using the Magnolia makeup pigments I bought last year during the black Friday sale

The second one is colorful look using Gosh pigments and Sugarpill eyeshadows. How I love the combination of teal, red and purple.

What do you think of these tutorials? Do you have any tutorial/video request?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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