Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Shoes

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It’s been awhile since I posted something fashion related. Like I told you before, I’ve been lacking some inspiration lately, and quite lacking in the fashion department until today it shoot me.

A couple of days ago, I posted an article about my favorite beauty- and fashion webshops. One of those shops was Well, that’s my favorite go to international webshop when it comes to shoes.

And like I also told you, I’m a shoe-a-holic and I love to shop shoes.

By the way, would guys like to see a video of my shoes collection? Let me know in the comments.

Anyways, I avoid going on these kinds of webshops so I won’t buy shoes or nothing there. But I never succeed. A couple of nights ago I was on again and I almost went crazy. OMG, they had the cutest, hottest and gorgeous shoes especially for the summer and I wanted to order so badly. But then I remember that I couldn’t. Well it’s not that I couldn’t, but it’s so that every month I put some shopping money aside that I can use for shopping, online or personal. And if I would shop there the entire rest shopping fee that I have would be gone. Because one thing is for sure, when I order on, I make a big order.

So with a pretty big sting in my heart, but then again also proud, I clicked on the red & white X button and close the page.

But okay, enough of my shoes addiction. Now I’m going to share with you girls, some of the hot shoes to wear for the summer.

Names & Prices from up – down and left – right.
* Spiky stud platform pump – Beige $41.30
* Chunky velvet bow platform – Taupe $27.30
* Triple rosette espadrille wedge – Fuchsia $33.00
* Triple rosette espadrille wedge – Yellow $33.00
* Pleated leatherette strap wedge – Ivory $25.60
* Cut-out canvas slingback wedge – Beige $24.70
* Cut-out leatherette peep toe wedge – Grey (LTTPE) $25.60
* Snake trim leatherette slingback platform – Camel $25.30
* Twisted fabric wedge – Red $29.00
* Linen cross strap platform – Teal $24.70
* Leopard print t-strap platform – Leopard $33.00
* Buckle denim espadrille wedge – Black $25.60

What do you think about these shoes? Which one would you get? Tell me all about it down below.

And this is for my 'Nederlandse' readers. Did you like some of the shoes or something else on and would you like to order? I’m going to make an order on the end of this month and since it’s coming from the US, the shipping is a little expensive. If you like we could make together a big order and split the shipping cost and also the import cost. If you are interested, email me at or tweet me @MzJenjuain and let me know.

Have a super duper day with a lot of shoes madness.
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