Saturday, June 4, 2011

My favorite beauty webshops

Happy Saturday my loves!

I’m pretty much addicted when it comes to online shopping. It doesn’t matter if its beauty or clothes & shoes or even kitchen supplies, I would buy them all. Almost every day I’m snooping around online clicking here & there searching for some goodies to buy.
It’s not that I buy stuff every single day, but I do search for the best webshop with the best prices and new stuff for my wishlist.

For today I’m going to share with you guys my favorite beauty webshops.

My first fav has to be Sleek. As you gals already read during my Sleek Week, I’m definitely a Sleek addicted. The webshop is very easy and you can get your way around very easily.

Eyes Lips Face
My second fav is definitely ELF. I pretty much love ELF as they have some pretty good make-up for the best prices. And elf is all around. I mean they are all over the place. They have an US webshop, UK webshop, Dutch webshop, even a Spain webshop. So it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can definitely order ELF wherever or whenever you want.
I switch from time to time. Sometimes I buy my ELF goodies from the UK ELF and some other time I shop at the Dutch ELF. My reason is because sometimes UK ELF has something’s that Dutch ELF doesn’t have.

This is a new US make-up brand devoted to color. They have some of the nicest pigments, that I so want to buy them all. For the price you pay, you get lots of product. And beside the pigments they also have some lipsticks, foundations and blushes.
I didn’t order anything yet from them because they are out of some of the pigments that I want and need to re-stock. But you don’t have to worry, as soon as I order and get the pigments I would let you gals know.

Beauty Bay is an all-around beauty webshop from the UK where they sell hair, skin, fragrances and of course make-up products of different brands. Brands like Urban Decay, Bedhead, Essie, Too Faced, Illamasqua, I just one word a very versatile webshop.

And last but certainly not least Cherry Culture. This is another budget make-up webshop with NYX cosmetics as one of their many budget make-up brands.
I’ve just made an order there last week and now I’m waiting for them to arrive here. Cherry Culture is also an US webshop.

All of these webshops that I mentioned here above ships internationally. So it doesn’t matter where you live, just take a look for yourself to see why they are my favorite webshops to date.

Now, beside these international webshops, there are also some Dutch/European shops that I also like.

Zoeva is a German beauty webshop where they sell different make-up like eyeshadow palettes, gel liners and some great quality make-up brushes. They have some great prices and from the brushes that I own I can tell that they are definitely worth it.
Zoeva ships to Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Hungary.

Besides Zoeva I also like to shop at Enchantra. This is a Dutch webshop were you could also find different make-up brands like Sugar Pill and Coastal Scents. They also own a Dutch blog were they post looks, news, reviews and lots more.
They ship to The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany. If you’re not living in one of these countries but still want to order from them, you can always email them with your request and together you’ll agree on the payment and shipping of your products. So in plain English, they ship anywhere you want upon request!

So people, these were all my favorite online beauty shops to date. Hope you enjoy this post and stay tune as for tomorrow I have my favorite fashion webshops to share with you gals.

Do you have a favorite webshop or some favorite webshops? Share them here on Life Fascinations! so that we can all enjoy the goodness together.

Muchos shoppos & kudos.
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