Friday, November 18, 2011

Video: The First GlossyBox + Giveaway!

The first Holland GlossyBox is a fact!
Glossybox? Yes, like I said GlossyBox! Don’t you know what GlossyBox is?

"GlossyBox is a monthly subscription on a fancy beauty box with 5 different items, mostly samples and sometimes full sizes. You pay every month a fee for your subscrption. The concept behind this is that you’re introduced to the different brands and items, you can try them out and if you like it, you can go buy it. It’s a great way to avoid buying the wrong products."

It’s a surprise every month, because you don’t know what’s in the GlossyBox until you get it.

GlossyBox has already been introduced in the UK and other countries and still counting. And since this month Holland is one more lucky addition to the GlossyBox world.

The Holland GlossyBox subscription cost €10 and €2,50 for the shipping which sums to an €12,50 each month.

I order mine and was very excited to get my box home. And while waiting I enter for their Facebook contest where they were giving 15 November GlossyBoxes away.
And guess what?! I won!!! I was so happy and excited like a little 5 yr old for her birthday.

And now it gets even better! After winning I received 2 boxes since I also subscribed and now I’m going to make one girl just as happy and excited like I was.
I’m going to give a GlossyBox away!!!

Want to win the GlossyBox???
* And like the Life Fascinations Facebook page - Not gonna cost you a thing!
* Leave me a comment on YouTube or on the Facebook page wall or in the comments on the blog with your YouTube and Facebook name to let me know that you entered!

Extra Entry:
Follow me on twitter and tweet the next message:
"The 1st Holland GlossyBox is a fact! Didn't order 1? Don't worry! RT & Follow @MzJenjuain to win November GlossyBox"

If you enter thru Twitter, you'll have double the chances to win!

* Must be a Subscriber AND a Facebook Liker!!! If you do only one, your entry will not qualify for this giveaway!!! I will be checking this!
* If you extra enter thru Twitter, you'll have double the chances to win! But remember, this is extra! You have to enter by subscribing and liking for your enter thru twitter to qualify.
* Leave a comment on YouTube or Facebook with your YouTube and Facebook name. And if you also extra enter, let me know your twitter name!
* 18 or older. If not, please ask for parent’s permission
* This Giveaway ends on Sunday November 27th 2011 23:59 Netherlands time
* International giveaway!

Winner will be chosen randomly.

Want to win??? Then enter, enter, enteeerrrrrr!!!

Talk to you babes soon.

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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