Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video: Enchantra + Party + Shopping = Happy Me!

Enchantra, Enchantra, Enchantra!
It’s like I’m enchanted with this webshop these last months. I don’t even know anymore how many times I mentioned this webshop here on my blog. But that’s not a bad thing, because it’s totally worth it. I’ve been socializing these last months with a lot of Dutch beauty bloggers thanks to the different Enchantra events. And last Sunday was time for one of those events again.
We celebrated the owner’s birthday and also father’s day at their showroom along with cupcakes, BBQ, make-up and bloggers. It was a great day where I enjoyed every second of it. I got to meet more bloggers where we talked more & more about beauty & stuff.

This was a great excuse for make myself extra colorful up. It was all about candy and sugar sweetness. I used my Sugarpill ‘Burning Heart’ palette along with some Eye Kandy glitters. A review of these will be coming up soon. Thanx to Arantxa of LuckyKatBlog for this lovely picture. And would you like a tutorial of this look? Let me know down here below ;-)

And I’m not me if I didn’t film and take pictures of this day. If you’re a subscriber of my YouTube channel, you might already see this video; an impression of the whole day and also a tour of the showroom.

If you can’t see this video, click here.

And to seal the day I couldn’t go home without doing some shopping and I had a great excuse. Everything was 15% off. The first thing I picked up was Sugarpill pigment ‘Stella’. I wanted to buy this since seeing it the last time I was at the showroom.

Then I went sniffing around for more and found the Coastal Scents ‘Creative Me #1’ palette which was totally screaming “Buy Me, Buy Me, Don’t leave me here, I belong to you”. So as an ultra color lover that I am, I couldn’t resist and throw it in my basket.

As you could see, they have a big collection of nail polishes. China Glaze, Color Club, Orly… you name it. I went with the thought that I’m not going to buy any nail polish because I think I have too much. Well, I should’ve shut my mouth. I spotted the China Glaze ‘Solar Power’ and just had to buy it. As you know Yellow is super hot this summer and yellow nails are extra H-o-t! And the nail polish lovers there told me that this polish is a dupe for Chanel’s ‘Mimosa’. This is yet another reason to buy it. =D

Then after I thought, okay I’m good, no more shopping. Boy, I was wrong again! I spotted Sleek’s new True Color lipstick in ‘Mystic’; A lovely light purple, magenta color. And when I swatched it, it was B-eau-ti-ful! Clearly there was no point for return, I had to buy it.

But wait! There’s more!
I also got two lovely Sleek items. The ‘Acid’ I-Divine palette and the red-licious ‘Scandalous’ blush. These two I got in exchanging of two products that I already had.

After several attempts, I finally walked to the cashier and paid for my lovely items.

All by all this was an awesome and fun day and I’m more than happy with my new additions. Looks and reviews will be coming up, maybe not right away but soon. Because I have a bunch of other post and tutorials that I need to finished and post before these. So I’ll keep you posted. ;-)

Parties, colors & cupcakes. 
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