Saturday, June 18, 2011

Video - Shoplog June 2011

I always do pictures shoplog for you dolls to look at but these last week’s I bought quite a few stuff from different stores and it would be a pain and also a very long post if I would take pictures of everything.

So, instead of pictures I thought of making a shoplog video. And to my surprise this shoplog had to be parted in 2 different videos since it’s pretty big.

Get a snack and drink and sit back, relax and enjoy my 2 video shoplog! 

Update: Some of you that visited Life Fascinations since last night could already see the text for this post. Stupid me publish the post without even noticing. In my opinion I saved it as a planned post while the video's were uploading. So sorry for the confusing!

If you can't see this video, click here.

If you can't see this video, click here.
I sure hope you enjoy!
Speak soon!
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