Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Inglot Freedom System

In early June I wrote about “The Freedom of Choosing Colors”, an article about my first trip to Inglot. And since then it’s been a whole rage around Inglot in beauty blogging land. Everyone has been talking – typing – about Inglot, Inglot is everywhere!

So I lay back a little with my review of my freedom system palette until today.

If you want to see the color I bought and also a look I did with my palette, then keep on reading for more.

Inglot is super famous in beauty land for their Freedom System, but besides that they have a complete line of cosmetic products with eyeshadows, foundations, eyeliners and even brushes.

But it’s the Freedom system that got me curious. I mean the chance to build your own palette and be free of choosing your own colors?!

*For those that don't know Inglot and their Freedom System yet, it's a system that you can choose your own eyeshadow colors, or lipstick colors and make a palette with them. Beside the 4-square palette they also have a 2, 3, 5, 10 and even 20 pans palette. So there's something for everyone.*

So, during our visit to Inglot – I went along with Gia we swatched like crazy, swatch, swatch, swatch…wipe off…keep on swatching.

And wow, serious the colors are so pigmented and apply smooth. This was definitely not my last bought at Inglot.

But after lots and lots AND lots of swatching I finally made my choice for these nice 4 colors:

Purple – Pearls 446
Green – AMC 57
Brown – Matte 329
Cream color – Matte 390

The purple is a nice frosty color while the green has some goldilicious glitter in it and the two mattes impressed me with their smooth and creamy texture.

No flash
With flash
This palette cost me €26 and was worth every penny.

Following, a look I made using all the 4 colors I bought in my palette. It’s a shame though, cuz I made a tutorial out of this but since it didn’t come out quite good I decided to just share some pictures with you.

What do you girls think of Inglot and also of my look? Let me know here down below ;-)
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