Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Freedom of choosing colors

It’s on people! Finally, it’s on!

I know, now you’re probably asking what the hell would be on?! Honestly, I don’t know if it’s on or whatever but I’m just plain excited.

You’ve already know that I am a budget make-up fan but also since lately love me from time to time some high end make-up. And one brand that had me super curious was Inglot.
Since reading over Inglot here and there I became damn curious about this brand with their Freedom system palettes. But the bad thing was that Inglot was pretty hard to get and the nearest Inglot shop for me would be in London! Yeaaahh, right!

So, the only thing I could do was dreaming and wishing about Inglot until I could get a chance of buying it. Oh well, that was until last month.
Since last month we, as the people here in Holland, mostly the ones in Amsterdam are proud to announced the opening of our first Inglot shop.

And last Friday I finally got a chance to visit Inglot.

I know, I know… why did it take me that ‘long’ to visit Inglot since I’m living in Amsterdam? Well it’s simple, I was busy lately and just couldn’t.

So, like I said before last Friday I finally got a chance to go since I went into the city to meet fellow blogger Gianni from GlamorousGia, her BF and friend Kim.
The four of us had a super fun day together, walking & shopping in Amsterdam.
At one point of our day we jumped on a tram up on our way to Inglot, since Inglot is a wee bit out of town.

Arriving at Inglot it was like H.E.A.V.E.N. The store is so spacious, nothing compare to the MAC Pro Store we have here. It was so peaceful and I really love that.
We walked around looking at all their products, everything nicely stored. No ‘all over the place’ thrown make-up. The only counter where it was a bit messy was the Freedom System counter. But the MUA’s there don’t sleep on it, right after you’re done choosing your products, they’ll go and clean everything right up. And besides doing their job, they are super friendly there.

Here are some dosis of picture’s that I’ve taken there.

And now the Super Duper Fun part. What did I get?

Well, since I’ve always wanted to make my own palette, I went and got myself a 4-eyeshadowed palette of the Freedom System. 
Keep track of my blog this week to see a review, swatches and tutorial using this palette, which I couldn’t include in this post otherwise it would be a super long post.

One thing I regretted not buying was the Duraline. That’s a liquid that you can use to liquefy your eyeshadow, blush or any powder make-up. I mainly liked it, because than I could make eyeliner out of any of my eyeshadows and don’t need to spend money on different color eyeliners (although I’m pretty sure that I still would find some lame excuse to still buy them, he he).

So the Duraline would be next on my list to buy along with either a foundation or a concealer. But we shall see.

Do you own any Inglot products? What is a must have of Inglot? Or do you live here in Holland and did you already have a chance to visit Inglot? Let me know down here below.

Lots of happy thoughts and freedom to do whatever you want.
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