About Me ♥

Who am I? Do you want to know the girl behind the blog?

Well, my name is Jennifer Genaro. Since my birth I had a lot of nicknames, Jenny was the most common one, but since a couple of years ago my mom began to call me Jenjuain – “pronounced: Jen – jwaain”. So, since then most of my friends call me either that or Jenny.

I’m 26 years old and since 2006 I’m living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I moved from Curacao to the Netherlands so I can pursue my school and get my degree.

All natural at the beach at Curacao

I’m the kind of person that loves to enjoy life. I love to travel and watching movies and TV series. I love to explore and know more about the world around me, but I never forget my roots. I really love history, to know how come certain things became the way they are now. I’m always curious and determined in life.

I always liked everything surrounded by beauty & fashion. But since fall 2010 I discovered my new addiction for fashion and especially make-up. And since I love to write, I decided after reading some couple of other blogs to start my own blog. It’s a great way to get to know new people, give your point of view, exchange ideas and specially get to help someone else. I love it!

In my bathroom
My favorite make-up brands right now are Sleek, E.L.F., KIKO, Catrice and Essence. I love budget make-up.

I’m an only child and living on my own in a student apartment. I'm happy with my life and God has blessed me with friends around me that are always there for me.

I also love to listen to music. And I listen to almost everything. My selection of music right now is:
·         Curacao local music
·         Izaline Calister ( International Curacao singer)
·         Rihanna
·         Nicky Minaj
·         Glee cast
·         Katy Perry
·         Lady Gaga
·         Shakira
·         Aliyah
·         Pink
·         Blink 182

So this was a little about me. I hope that you got to know me e little better and if that’s not the case, just ask me!
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