Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yet another update

Since last Friday I’m back on this cold land with gray clouds. Well okay, in the weekend we had us some sun but it’s still a little cold and I have to get used again to wearing my coat.  
*Believe me, when you’re almost 6 weeks in the sun and in no need to wear any coat, you definitely will have to get back used to a coat*

At the start of this week the sun start playing a little game called hide & seek and I’m beginning to feel the fall which I do not like. It’s making me miss my green little island even more.

Which by the way brings me to this short film I came across on Facebook of my 'dushi' island. FYI, 'dushi' means sweet, delicious, hot. Depending the context it's in.

This film is so beautiful and it really shows how beautiful Curacao is. 
I wanted to share it with you gals since I know that there’s many of you who don’t know or has never been to Curacao. In this film you can definitely see why I’m so proud to be part of this little paradise.

Getting back, like I told you I’m back and now I’m committing myself to this blog. I want to write more blog post and also get deeper into the fashion part.
There’s a lot to come up here on Life Fascinations; shoplogs, reviews, OOTD and definitely my colorful looks and tutorials.
And to top things up there’s some awesome giveaways coming up in combination with my birthday which was last week Tuesday and also the first anniversary of Life Fascinations.

So be sure to stick around and enjoy all the upcoming posts!
Wish you all well and enjoy your day!
Mz. J ♥
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