Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm in Love!

I’m in love!

As much of you know, I’m a shoe addict. I love me some shoes, mostly high heels. I just love them.

Last Friday when I was in the city walking (window shopping) I spotted these babies and OMG I fell immediately (again) in love with them! They are from the brand named "Blink" and this design is called "Legacy". These go right to the top of my wishlist!

I know that I love me some shoes and that’s why I have this agreement with myself that I don’t buy shoes anymore with no reason. I sit and think about it, if I do need them and if I don’t have anything similar in my shoe collection already and if they are really worth it.

And well okay, maybe I don’t really need them yet, but the holiday seasons are coming up and also I don’t have any nude/beige heels in my collection.
It sounds like I’m trying to convince myself and convincing you guys so I don’t feel bad about going to buy them.

But oh well, at the end of this month if they’re still there I’m going to buy them because I want them really really bad!

Have you seen something lately that you wanted badly? Let me know here in the new comment system below!
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