Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY || Facial Scrubbing

Since my teenage days my mom taught me to scrub my face. It’s really essential to do because you remove all those dead skin cells and your skin becomes really nice and soft. I also realized that with a nice scrubbed skin my makeup is better on my face, looks prettier and tends to stay on longer.

My mom is not the one to go buy the first next best product. She always looks for an alternative, a natural alternative and a cheaper one. And so she ones taught me a great alternative for face scrub. Just use corn flour/grit mixed with honey.

Corn flour/grit is something I grew up eating it in the form of some kind of porridge. It’s called in Papiamentu “Funchi”.

This all natural face scrub really makes the skin feels softer for days. And it didn’t cost much.
In the video above I’m explaining how to make it and how I apply it.

Extra tip: You can also use this as a lip scrub. Don't scrub too rough, but masage it gently on your lips and they will get super soft.

Happy scrubbing!

What is your favorite product for scrubbing?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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