Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tip || NonPareil False Lashes

Me and my own lashes don’t go well together. They are short, sheer, straight… did I mention short?! Not even when I apply several layers of mascara, the difference isn’t that big. It really annoys me!

And then I’ve been introduced to false lashes. These are lashes you can apply for some hours to complete your eye makeup and that gives you that sexy look.

Since then I’ve been buying lashes like crazy. I have quite a lash collection. But you know what the funny part is that I still don’t wear them while going out. Either I’m a tad late just or just a little scared to go out with the chance that one might fall off or something.

What I am happy about is that I finally manage how to apply them. And I’m using them a lot in my latest tutorials.

On the Nonpareil Boutique webshop they sell their own brand lashes. And I was immediately sold when I saw the lashes and the prices.
These lashes cost normally $3.00 which is quite a deal. But when I was browsing they had most of the lashes 66% off which means that they were $1 (!) a piece!!!

These lashes are made with real human hair. I really like that and they look and feel quite real, are soft and fluttery.

Right now they don’t have the $1 deal anymore but all the lashes cost $1.75 which is still an awesome deal! 

The shipping prices to Holland can be high but if you’re going after the lashes then you’re good. I ordered 6 different pair with 2 others from Red Cherry along with some other products and still paid around the $15 for shipping.

Do you like wearing false lashes or are you happy with your own lashes? And would you like to see a video on how I apply false lashes?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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