Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's her time to shine: Katie Alves

As the days passes by I start to realize that there’s an artist in every one of us. Either if it’s a musician, film maker, a beauty artist as in a makeup artist and also an art artist.

Art. When you hear the word art the first things that jump in our head are paper, white canvas, paints, colors and mostly creativity. But in the beauty world we skip the canvas and paper part and create art on our own face. And along with that creativity there’s a lot of talent.

A couple of days ago during my bloglovin reading I came across this talented girl named Katie Alves who has one of the most incredible works I’ve ever seen. I immediately contact her asking for her permission to use her pictures - which I got - so I can share them with you all. Because she deserves the sharing.

Be aware that this post is going to be picture heavy, since it was pretty difficult choosing ;)

Katie Alves is a 22 year old Canadian that started in October 2010 doing detailed designs on her eyes & lips. And since then has done different designs, even her first photo shoot.

Like they say, pictures explain more than words. So enjoy!

Hot Air Balloon Eyes
Canadian Eyes
Harry Potter Eyes
Sunrise Eyes
Alice in Wonderland Eyes
Outer Space Eyes
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