Saturday, August 27, 2011

New layout

No no no, you’re not on the wrong blog. You’re right at Life Fascinations, but with a squeaky new lay-out.

Yes, yes, yes my lovely readers. Yesterday after trying to do some little changes, I ended up creating a whole new lay-out with new header and all.

I’ve been wandering with the idea for a new lay-out for a couple of weeks now, but wanted to publish it along with a new name on my birthday in October. But since I made this layout now, I’m going to hold on with that idea for while.

With this layout I solve some little problems I had with the old one and made it look more fun to look at and read. I also made a new header which personally I think is better than the old one.

I tried to hold on to some relax colors but with still a girly touch.

And now, I want you as my readers to be truly honest with me! Because it’s you that visit my blog on a regular basis and has to deal with the layout.

What do you think of this new layout? Let me know your honest opinion in the comments below. I would mean the world to me! ;)
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