Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Personal #3: The sushi drama!

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Who doesn’t know the new food sensation sushi? Well okay, it’s not that new, but it’s a new food sensation to me anyways. But okay, these last month’s I’ve been hearing a lot – and I do me A-Lot! – about this food sensation. Sushi!

These rolls are basically made with black seaweed wrappers, rice and RAW fish! Everyone is talking about them, they are delicious, they are healthy...To me, just the thought of them gets my stomach aching. I mean raw fish? And even worse, the most common fish in the sushi world is salmon and me not like salmon.

So there, I decided that I’m never eating sushi. Well, do you know that saying: never say never?!

These last week’s I started to get curious about the sushi mania, to see what the fuss is about. But still didn’t want to spend money in some restaurant to then find out that really don’t like it.

Source: We♥It

So, I went to a local supermarket – Albert Heijn – and bought me a sushi kit, surimi sticks, avocado and a cucumber to make my own sushis. I bought surimi sticks since I read somewhere that these are delicious sushi ingredients and also it’s a familiar taste for me since I make salads all the time.

I boiled the rice then wait for it to cool down, slice the ingredients and prepare for the whole shebang to finally roll them and slice to then eat them. As I know myself, I went safe and only made 1 roll. I sliced 7 pieces out, served them in a plate with some wasabi paste and soya-sauce.

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The sushi kit also came with some chopsticks; since I never ate with chopsticks but still wanted to, I quickly browse for some vid’s on YouTube for some fast learning. It’s easier than it looks.

Now for the moment of truth. Drum roll please…

1st bite: “Hmmm, weird… tastes funny. I can’t really taste the surimi sticks.”

2nd bite: “Hmmm…still weird. That soya sauce is really strong. Still can’t taste the surimi neither the avocado…uhh, there’s the cucumber…maybe I put too little wasabi, can’t taste that neither, it’s suppose to be hot, right?!”

3rd bite: After 2 chew, “Ieuuw, I taste rawness. This is too much. I do not like this at all. How can people eat this BS?” Then spitted it out.

So people, there you go. Its official, Mz.Jenjuain is not a sushi fan at all.

Source: We♥It

I’m still a little disappointed  though, since I had some really high expectations for the familiar combination and I was looking forward to something new and ‘healthy’ in my food routine, because I’m getting tired of the same things.

I know that there are a lot of you out there that are sushi-fan by heart, but still though: What are your thoughts on sushi? Too much rawness or just heaven?
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