Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Colorful Artistic Nail Tutorial

While having acrylic nails I don’t tend do much with them other then over every 3-5 weeks I get them filled. I think you gals also noticed, because I don’t post much about nails and polishes here on Life Fascinations!

Personally I think it’s a shame because I have all the tools in house to create awesome nail arts, but it’s my timing that’s a bit too short. *whispiring* And I'm also just a tiny little bit lazy, shhhh don't tell anyone.

Don’t you wish some times that a day would be longer? Instead of 24 hours it would be 26 or 28 hours? I’m feeling like time is flying by and that I don’t get the chance to do everything I have planned.

But anyways, back to the nails. Because of that shame feeling and also because I had the new P2 nail polishes I’ve got the itchy feeling to do some nail art on my fresh filled nails.

This is a pretty simple colorful and not much dramatic nail art.

What do you need?
* A basecoat
* 7 different nail polish color
* A topcoat
* A dotting tool

I’m going to explain this nail art tutorial step by step using pictures. And FYI, I took pictures of my right hand, the not so good and steady hand ;-) to see how it would turned out. That explains the not so straight and shakey lines.

Step 1:
Start applying your base coat to your nails. I’m using base- and topcoat by Barry M.

Step 2:
Then apply a base color on the tip of your nails. The base color I chose is the neon green of P2 #520 “Trouble”.

If you can’t apply a nice clean cut line, use tape on your nails.

Step 3:
Apply 3 stripes of your 2nd color. I’m using Essence nail art #07 “Ocean breeze”.

Step 4:
Do 3 times more the same stripes as in step 3 with 3 other different nail polishes. My colors are “Magenta” of L.A. Colors Art Deco, Essence nail art #04 “Pink” and for a nice silver sparkle Essence nail art #03 “Silver Surfer”.

Try to use 1 glitter nail polish in this nail art to make the creation pop even more.

Step 5:
Add 3 dots using your dotting tool with yet another color in the corner of your nail close to your cuticles. Mine is NYC In a New York color minute #221 “Spring Street”.

Step 6:
Repeat the same step but with again another color. I’m using China Glaze “Solar power”.

Step 7:
You’re almost there. Apply your topcoat, let it dry and you’re done! My topcoat is Essence Studio Nails – Better than gel nails – Sealer.

This last pictures is of my good hand, the left one.

As you girls could see, this was a pretty shaky challenge when it came to do this nail art on my right hand. But I manage to do it quite well though, if I may say so.

I hope that you, my lovely readers enjoyed this pictorial nail art tutorial and don’t forget to come here back.

Take good care of yourself and also everyone around you and we’ll speak soon.

Lots of artistic nail love.
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