Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Frustration 101 #1: The Eyebrow dilemma

This is going to be a new addition to Life Fascinations! It's a personal post about things that frustrate, irritates, annoys me or all of them together combined. 

I started writing this post about my ‘No buy’ frustration to realize that I’m not having any kind of frustration around that project other than the Sleek pout paints. So then I decided to write about eyebrows.

What is it with women and their eyebrows??? Seriously, what’s the deal?! 

The past weekend we had the traditional Summer Carnival in Rotterdam and also Sunday night I went out to a great party with traditional Curacao music. Both events were stocked with people, crowd as a … and a lot of woman showing off their beauty.

And as the beauty lover that I became, I love to watch how the other ladies do their make-up.
Some can be really nice to watch, inspirational, while others just makes me ask myself “Why?”.

What I really noticed were the eyebrows. Most women really don’t know how to do their eyebrows! Serious, I saw all types of eyebrows this past weekend. From the ‘thin’ one to the ‘extravagant bold’ one to the ‘super long near the ear’ one or even the ‘Jet black’ eyebrows.

Are you freaking kidding me? Oh common people!
‘Jet black’ eyebrows??? Seriously??? Don’t they see that it’s not natural??? That it’s like someone or even a child draw two black stripes with an marker on their forehead???

No one was born with the technique of doing their perfect eyebrows. You learn how to do it. I mean there are a lot of sources these days, workshops, schools were someone there teach you. Or if you don’t want to spend any money… YouTube!!! There are millions of people all around the world, in all kind of languages that explains and shows different methods of doing the eyebrows. 

Look, I’m not an expert of doing my own brows. I’m still experimenting. Although I’m almost there, finding my perfect way to do my eyebrows. But still, I do know what’s natural and what’s not, where to stop before ending the eyebrow near my ear or hairline.

And so can everybody else. We can all learn the same as we learned how to read, to write and 1+1 = 2!

Pictures sources: Google.com

So common ladies, start learning the ‘how to’ for your eyebrows and stop using your face as a ‘white board’. You shall see a difference. Your eyebrows can change your whole face expression, give you an softer, relax look other than weird angry looking face.

And if you’re already know how to do your eyebrows but have a friend that doesn’t know, just show her. Do it for her and let her see the difference.

Do you notice this eyebrow thing? What do you think about it? Does it frustrate/ irritates/ annoys you like it did to me? Let me know your thoughts here down below.

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