Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: A Gorgeous KIKO Blush

They do say less is more. Today I’m reviewing shortly, the amazingly beautiful KIKO blush that I bought on my latest visit to KIKO in CentrO in Oberhausen, Germany.

As some of you already know, KIKO is an Italian make-up brand that has some really great items in their entire collection.

I’ve been a real blush fanatic lately and ever since I saw the Nars Orgasm – in pictures though – I’ve always wanted to buy it. But I never came to.

Anyways, after swatching this blush, I think it comes pretty close to the Orgasm and it was so beautiful and I had to have it.

The blush I bought is called the ‘Soft Touch Blush’ and unfortunately they did not give them a name but a number which is ‘103’.
It comes in a black square box with white printed text and when you open the box you’ll find the blush in a matte black round packaging containing 5 grams of product.
I paid €7,50 for it.

I’m going to stop talking now – typing – and let the pictures speak for them self. Be prepared for some eye candy!

What do You think? Isn’t she gorgeous?
Let me know here down below!

Hope to see you here again and we’ll speak soon. Oh well, sort of ;-)
Yours truly.
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