Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Personal #2: Blogger Trouble

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Hey girlie girls!
How’s life?
First let me start saying that this post is a follower of my “Frustration 101” post, but that I changed the name to “It’s Personal” since later on it hit me that the word “Frustration” is a little bit too harsh. And that these kind of post are personal to me, were I pour my heart out to you guys on the things that bothers me.

Anyway, as you can see it’s been a little quiet over here at Life Fascinations! The main reason is that I’m having some lay-out problems with the blog and I’m making a new temporal lay-out to use online. Yes, I did meant to say ‘temporal’ as I’m planning on giving this blog a full new name with new lay-out, header and all on my coming birthday – which is still some months away. The new name is already done and the lay-out I’m working on it. But now I have to put it on hold to focus on the current lay-out problem.

As my daily visitors already noticed, my side-bar has moved spontaneously to the bottom and no matter what I do, does not want to move back to its original place. And it’s really annoying me. I don’t know what to do anymore.

See? There's nothing here. Just scroll down and you'll see.
So now I’m reaching to you gals for help. Does anyone of you know what to do? How can I solve this problem? If you do, let me know here down below.

Wishing you a funky dunky day with no-stress or trouble at all!
Yours Truly.

PS: It's taking me some time to annouce the winners of the 'Die wil ik hebben' giveaway, but stay tuned as it's coming real soon up. ;-)
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