Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review: Golden Magical Nails

Last week I did a little order at Enchantra for some goodie goodies. Some of the goodies were nail polishes of the brand ‘Golden Rose’. This brand is well known for their beautiful “flakies” but they also have some holographic nail polishes.

Since I never bought any holographic nail polish, I thought that we have to make a change in that.

These holographic nail polishes don’t come with names, but numbers and for my first time going holographic I chose the number 114. It’s a deep-old-pink-red color *some color description, right?!* With the needed glitter in it, or what I think is glitter (shhh… I suck at nail polish reviews).

Anyway, when I opened my package I didn’t expect this little square bottle. I thought it was tiny bit bigger. But okay, I can live with it. It consist 5.5ml of product.
The brush isn’t that big, but it does the work. And the product self is not thick or too runny, but perfect.

I needed to apply 3 layers to get opaque nails, but at 2 layers I was almost there. This means that you don’t really need that third layer, with just two its opaque enough. And also even with the third layer I didn’t get super thick polished nails.

The removal turned out quite easy. With the help of some nail polish removal, I could remove them pretty easy, fast and with no trails of glitter left.

The price for this holographic magic in a bottle is €3, 49 but I bought it for €2, 44 since they had a special Halloween sale with 30% off at the time.

I’m very happy with the results and I’m sure that this won’t be my last Holographic neither my last one of Golden Rose.

What do you think of these holographic polishes? Do you own any? Let me know.

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J

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