Thursday, June 16, 2011

What about those False Lashes?!

Eyelashes. They can break or make your make-up look. Some are born with extra long curly lashes and others have those really short straight lashes (like me) that always needs help of a mascara to make your eyes pop.
But sometimes even after curling your lashes and applying mascara, they are still not good enough.

Okay, so for those kind of situations they have different options. You can either apply lashes extension or use some lash growth serum or for instant long lashes, apply false eyelashes.

Yesterday I posted my Hawaiian dare tutorial and after uploading it, I noticed that 2 things were quite messy in my look; my eyebrows and my false lashes.

I was always bad at doing my eyebrows and I’m still figuring out how to do it perfectly. When I do figure it out, I’ll let you gals know.

And also since being introduced into the beauty blogging world, I realized how gorgeous and flirty a look can be with long lashes. And the fast way to get those long lashes is after applying false lashes.

So I went and bought myself a couple of false lashes and began trying to apply them on my eyes.
Well, till now I still find it pretty much difficult to apply which definitely shows in my tutorial.

Do you also think it’s difficult?
If you do, just remember this: Practice makes perfect!

So for us who needs practice, I went searching on YouTube for some videos which I think gives great tips and shows good ways on how to apply false lashes.

One thing is for sure; to apply false lashes you have to have a good lash glue. Otherwise they will not stick for long or at all on your eyes. And don’t think that you will want that…he he

What about you? Are you a No-Fake Lashes or are you a Fake-Lash-Expert? Or maybe you want to be an expert? And do you have any other tips on how to apply false lashes? Let me know down here below.

With tons of love & much curly fakeness.
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