Friday, June 24, 2011

Shoes, shoes & more Giveaways!

“I want that! Yes, I really want that!”

That’s what she said! 
That’s what I would’ve say when I saw my perfect pair of shoes!

Well okay, you gals know that I’m a truly shoe-aholic and couple of days ago I discover this new shoe webshop. And O-M-G… it’s heaven!!! Seriously, I was hearing angels singing!!!
So I had to share this with you all, just because they deserve to be shared.

The webshop is called ‘Die wil ik hebben’, which means ‘I want that’. It’s a new webshop – only 2 years old – but I can assure you its very promising. Their motto is “High Heels, Real Love!”.

They sell shoes to die for. Those hot high heels that will make everybody stop and drool away. A real showstopper. And the cool part is that these shoes are not like any other. Not those H&M shoes that everybody has. No, not even close. 

These are unique shoes that only a ‘handful’ of woman may have. They only order 12 or 18 pair of the same shoe. And over every 7 week they get a new collection. Like right now they have this shoe that really fell in love with, but with a gigantic pain in my heart I can’t buy because they don’t have my size anymore.

So I’m going to sit and wait for their new collection so I can make my order. =D

They ship to the Netherlands – duh – and also to Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and even Suriname & the ABC islands.

And for my lovey dovey readers from other countries don’t worry. They ship to where ever you are on request. Just contact them and they’ll help you further with your order. Can you say great service?!

For my super sweet Dutchies readers, Die wil ik hebben is organizing on the 2nd of July this See-Fit-Buy Party & Photo shoot which is a super awesome event were you can try & buy your shoes for €50!!! Yes that's right, every pair of high heels will cost only €50!
And then seal that day by getting your picture taken while showing off your latest purchase. And the thing is you just need your best outfit as they have a make-up artist which happens to be Curacaoan. She will make you beautiful for your picture. For more information on this day, just gets le clicking to their webshop.

I don’t know yet if I’m going, I need to think about it and I’ll let y’all know.

So go ahead and take a look for yourself to see what I’m talking about. I even have this banner on the sidebar of this blog for an easier access. And if you are stoked by all their shoes-ness, you might want to ‘like’ their Facebook page and also follow them on Twitter

Did I make you all excited about this webshop and all their holy graly shoes? Well I sure hope so, because I have a voucher with a value of €20 to give away!!!
Great right!!! It’s about time I do a fashion giveaway here on Life fascinations!

And now you’re asking… “What do I have to do to win this giveaway???”

Well since this is all about shoes, I want you to take a picture of your hottest shoe ever and place it on My Facebook page wall. The only rule is you have to 'like' my page! =D

And if you can RT this on Twitter, I would be even happier! It’s not required but would be totally sweet of you if do.

“RT & Follow @MzJenjuain and @Diewilikhebben to win a €20 voucher. Just take picture of Ur hottest shoe and publish on”

This giveaway will close on Sunday the 31st of July 2011 at 23:59! So you have more than a month to enter. And if you ain’t got that hot shoe yet, you can still go out and buy it. He he…

I’ll choose the winner with the hottest shoe ever ever ever!
Super duper funky du fun right?!

UPDATE: This giveaway is internationally open!

I’ll be watching out for all the hotness!

Bunch of love, shoes and hotness!
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