Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beauty tip: A pillbox palette


You know that you’re a make-up addict when you realize that your stash is getting bigger & bigger and there are no more places for storage. 

That’s what has been happening to me lately. No more place, everything all over the place and also I can’t find something’s when needed. This brings me back to using the same old, same old.

So I needed desperately to re-arrange my stash and organize things over here. I began to think how I’m going to do that and that’s when I went out and bought myself those make-up organizers that I showed you in my June shoplog.

I also showed you gals in that same shoplog about this pillbox I bought which I’m going to turn into a palette. And I promised to tell you more about it soon.

Well, soon is here and today I’m going to share a great beauty tip with you all.

A plain pillbox. Some of you might know already what kind of palette I’m going to make and some of you would be asking what I’m going to use it for. Well I’m going to make a pigment palette out of this pillbox.

I have lots of different pigments, cute & beautiful pigments that always ends up in the back of my drawers and that I never use. Just because I always forget about them. And most of the time the packaging is also irritating to use. So I thought if we could use a Z-palette and create or own palette, why can we create our own pigment palette?!

That’s when I went searching – again – for the perfect solution.
I got my pillbox at Xenos for €1,99.

There are different pillboxes being sold. Be sure that you get a good & sturdy one. A pillbox that closes good, that will not make a mess if it's drop or whatever. As you can see the one I got has a doble lit and closes good.

I have a lot of pigments, some MAC samples and others from different brands. And I just bought some NYX pearl mania pigments which come in the most irritating little bottles. I depotted all of them in my pillbox.

This can be very messy. When you’re depotting your pigments, be sure to be doing this on a towel and not just on a plain surface.

And about those NYX pearl mania pigments, I know they may seem like they’re not holding much product. Well believe me when I say: don’t let the packaging fool you. They hold quite a lot product. The slot was almost full and the little bottle was still by the half full.

What do you think of this tip? Did you already know about it? Or do you have a better idea? Share, share, share. Let me know down here below ;-)

And don't forget to enter my €20 shoe shopping voucher giveaway!

Love, pigments and boxes. Talk soon ;-)
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