Sunday, June 5, 2011

My favorite Fashion webshops

Yesterday I posted a blog post about my favorite beauty webshops. And today I’m going to share my favorite fashion shops.

Well… I like to shop mostly shoes, since beside make-up and stuff I’m also a shoe-aholic. =D
So people, gets le clicking to see my favorite fashion webshops.

First I’m going to start off with H&M. I just love H&M and I so love it when I could order some things and get them really fast. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's H&M is all around the world shops and online. I do my shopping at the Dutch H&M online shop.

Besides H&M I also have this UK online shop as one of my favorites, Desire Clothing. They have super cute dresses, shoes and accessories and also this cool feature named "Get that celebrity look" where they combine their clothes to make the same outfits as the celebrities.
And their sale items are quite good re-priced. I’ve bought some nice black patent pumps last year for just £5,- and I totally love them. And believe me when I wear them you wouldn’t even notice that they cost me that much!

Another UK webshop is Asos. This one sells beside the great tank tops, pants and dresses also cosmetics products. Yep, as in make-up where they sell brands like NARS and Aldo.

Now I’m stepping from the UK to the US and my first US favorite online shop is Lulu’s. I don’t have much to say then just go ahead and take a look.

This webshop doesn’t need any introduction, explanation or nothing. Everybody knows Forever 21, great shop for all the great priced fashion items.

And the last one, my favorite of all favorites, GoJane. This is really my most favorite and it’s because of their shoes. They have the cutest, hottest and nicest shoes ever. I’ve made a big order last year and now I’m thinking of making that same big order for the summer. And the best of all is that their prices are awesome! The only thing is the shipping cost, it’s just a tiny bit expensive. But it’s totally worth it.

Just as my favorite beauty webshops, all of the above except H&M ship internationally.

But oh wait… I still have one online shopping addiction which is eBay. Seriously, you can find everything on there. Some may be a little expensive and others cheaper than cheap. You just have to search good to find your best option. It’s totally worth the time searching.

So this was it of all my favorite webshops to date. And if you didn’t read my favorite beauty webshops, just go ahead and take a look. They may become your favorites too.

Do you share the same addiction as me? Do you love online shopping and do you have any links to share? Leave me a comment below and let me and all the other ladies that visits Life Fascinations know.

Wishing you all a super duper Sunday!
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