Monday, June 6, 2011

This Sweet & Cold Burn got my Heart Addicted!

Since starting writting this blog I’ve been using and reviewing mostly budget and also drugstore make-up. And most of them have been working quite well.

But even though I’m quite happy with the results I still want to try out some other brands that may be a bit more expensive. One thing is for sure that before I spend my money on these kinds of products I really put some thought into it before I splurge. It must be worth buying.

One of these make-up brands that I’ve always wanted to try is SugarPill. And since I lay my eyes on the Addicted to Pretty palettes I was completely sold!

So… to share my love for SugarPill with you Mademoiselles, I have a review of these palettes today. So just stick around for more.

SugarPill has been created by this lovely girl named Amy who got the idea of making a colorful make-up after applying it on herself for her colorful fashion line, Shrinkle and after sharing her creations on the internet. Since beginning experimenting in 2005, finally in 2010 Sugar Pill was born.

Since the SugarPill line is quite new, they don’t own a wide selection of their products yet. But for the little time that they are around, they sure have made their name.

SugarPill Addicted to Pretty:
“Richly pigmented, velvety smooth, luxury pressed eyeshadows for all-night party wear. Four-color luxury eyeshadow collection in a mirrored palette.”

Like I already told you before I love these palettes, they have beautiful colors and I could never decide which one to get.
Well, I’ve had a chance to see and swatch these babies at the Enchantra Sleek Swatch Day and believe me people I was almost drooling. They were even better then the online pictures.

There are 3 different palettes in this Addicted to Pretty collection with each of them containing 4 different of their single eyeshadows. And every single one of these eyeshadow pan contains 4 grams of product! That’s a whole lot of eyeshadow, people!

The first palette I’m going to put under the spotlight on is the Sweet Heart palette. It sure lives up to its name. Nice sweet, dolly colors.


Excuse the blury picture.

The second palette is named Burning Heart. This palette contains some damn hot colors which got me totally thinking of all the eye looks that I could make with it.

And last but not least, Cold Heart. The opposite of Sweet Heart. They’ve stopped selling this palette, since they’re in progress of making something new which would be containing these same colors. So, if you still want to buy this palette you’ll have to search around to see where they are still selling it. 

I know for sure that it’s still being sold here in Holland at Enchantra.

As for the performance of these products, they are quite good, not all of them are the same high pigmented and again – you get lots of product. Some of them are matte while some others are shimmer. And also some of the matte ones contain some itsy bitsy tiny glitters in it. But that doesn’t affect the finish look of the product.

Another thing that I’ve noticed of some of the eyeshadows, like the Tako and Afterparty, is that they are a little tiny bit chalky. But I can live with that and besides that they are great.
The palette itself is quite sturdy. The magnet that holds the palette is strong and it also comes with a mirror inside.

The prices of these babies are excellent. Each palette costs $34 at Sugar Pill and €32,95 at Enchantra. First I thought that the prices were a bit expensive. But after seeing and working with them I think they are totally worth it. I mean you get 4 of their single eyeshadows of each $12 in one palette. So that means that the palette should have cost $48.

That day at Enchantra was beyond difficult for me since I couldn’t make a choice of which one I should buy, just because I’ve liked them all. But finally a whole lot of thinking, I’ve made a choice and choose for the Burning Heart.

Overall I think that SugarPill is a great brand with great products. I sure hope that they will expand soon on their products so I could buy more. He he…

What do you think, should we be sticking to the budget make up? Or do you think its worth to buy some high-end make-up from time to time? And what do you think of SugarPill? Let me know here down below.

Lots of cold sweet burns. 
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