Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sleek Week - 50% Sale Shoplog

It’s been almost 2 months ago that I got this order from Sleek Makeup. Shame on me for not posting this soon. But oh well, it comes great for this Sleek Week.

As all of the Sleek fans may already know, last year November Sleek held a 50% sale as a ‘thank you’ for reaching (I think it was) 20.000 fans on Facebook. But this sale was a big fail, because they weren’t prepare for all the crazy shoppers that would logged on their webshop. Their server kept throwing shoppers out and hours after trying to do some shopping, when going to the shopping cart everything cleared out and I had to start all over again. It was a pretty exhausting day. But they did recognize their problem and finally after some months came thru.
They first ensured that everything where stocked and then send email with 50% codes for everyone that tried that particular day to but something. And I also got mine!

It was pretty happy with my code and made good use out of it.
Click for more to see everything I got!

First of all let’s talk about the packaging and the shipping. My order came within a week, which is the normal amount day for shipping from the UK. It came in this nicely packed in a sleek black carton box with a nice pink paper wrap. And everything where again boxed in little boxes.

And now for the super good stuff. Pictures of everything I got. Be prepare for some heavy eyecandy =D

Crème to powder tester kit – medium/dark & dark

New Skin revive tester kit – medium/dark
Lip pencil – Bare essential & Cherry oak

True color lipstick – Vixen

Pout Polish – Pink Cadillac
Dip it eyeliner – Silver & Glitter dip it eyeliner – Hollywood

Blushes – Flamingo & Pan Tao


Pan Tao

I-Divine palettes – Paraguaya & Sunset





Mini high shine lip gloss – In your dreams (gift)

When ordering I would have paid an amount of €76,50, but using the discount code I paid €45,28 which includes €9 of shipping. Isn't that super duper great?!

Did you enjoyed this shoplog? And where you also one of the unlucky ones trying to buy from Sleek on that November day? Did you got your code afterall? What did you get with it? Let me know.

And don’t forget to enter for my Sleek Week Giveaway! You could be one of the lucky winners! So just don’t miss that chance!!!

Much sleekness for you all.
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