Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sleek Week - The Molten Metal

The Sleek Molten Metal.
As you already know, I went to the Enchantra Sleek Swatched Day last week and there it was. This small little palette with two gorgeous metallic cream eyeshadows in it. First thing to mind, -drooling- “Wooowww….prrreeetttyyyy”.

But after coming to my senses I thought how would you use this thing?!

As all of the most beauty lovers among us know, that cream eyeshadows will – I repeat – WILL always crease! So I went searching for ways to use this little baby, because it’s too beautiful to waste.

Sleek MakeUp:

“Molten Metal is a highly pigmented metallic cream eyeshadow duo.
The palette consists of 2 gloriously rich and highly pigmented metallic creams that ignite the skin with intensity. The formulation is soft and fluid-like allowing easy application.”

The Molten Metal is a little palette of 5.4 grams consisting two creamy metallic eye shadows; Pewter & Gold Leaf. Its performance is quite intense. They’re both indeed very richly pigmented and with just putting your finger on one of the creams you can pick up a lot of product.

During my search I’ve noticed that even though it’s creamy, girls still uses it as eye shadow. And to my surprise it had different results, which mostly of them was good. Although the Molten Metal is creamy, when reading the different reviews I noticed that it doesn’t crease that much and it can last up to 6-8 hours with minimum or none creasing.
Pearls and Poodles
Lollipop Loves
And there were also some others that I didn’t work for them at all.

But this all depends on how you apply it. Here are some tips.
* Before apply the Molten Metal, be sure to use a good eye primer such as the Urban Decay primer potion or Too Faced shadow insurance.
* Don’t apply a thick layer but apply it thinly and then try to build up as you wish.
* Always set it with powder. You can either use an eye shadow of your choice or just your translucent powder. When using the translucent powder it can take away a little bit of the metallic-ness, but won’t be that much. Either way, make sure to set your Molten Metal look to make it last a bit longer before it starts creasing.

Besides creating an eye look, it’s been said that this product can also be used as a cheek highlighter, a metallic lip color or even as a body glow.

I went searching around on the web but I couldn’t find anything in this direction then the Sleek MakeUp promotional picture. If you can see the model is wearing the Molten Metal on her eyes, cheek and lips.

To apply this as a cheek highlighter I think it can be do-able, but you really have to apply it very thin. A tip is to apply it first on the back of your hand -like when swatching- and then with your fingers apply it on your cheekbones.

As for the lips I think you have to be daring to pull this off and if you do it can look quite good.

And to get a nice summery glow this can be perfect. You can rub it on your arms and low neckline and cleavage for a nice glow. Although be careful when applying, otherwise you can look quite future-astic.
And even though I think this is a great option I also think that this would be a waste of product. Because there are many body glow products out there and you can save this product for other use.

The Molten Metal is a permanent product of the Sleek cosmetics collection and costs €8,68 at Sleek MakeUp website and €8,50 at Enchantra and for my fellow UK readers £6,99 at the Superdrug.

As for me I didn’t buy it after all, although I was very impressed with the pigmentation and the smoothness when applying. But I’m not a fan of cream eyeshadows and didn’t want to buy it just to have in my collection.

What do you think of this product? Do you have any tips and/or tricks when using cream eyeshadows? Share the love people and leave a comment down below.

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Wishing you gals a super metallic and fantastic day!
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