Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleek Week - The Sleek Lipsticks

So much for a Sleek Week.
As you already noticed Thursday I didn’t post anything because I was a bit busy and simply just couldn’t.
And then, when I came home that night thinking that I could write and planned a post for Friday I got a big surprise. Blogger’s server was down down down!!! So annoying.
Okay I thought it wouldn’t take that long. Boy, I was sooo wrong. It took the whole day and it was until Friday night that the server started working again.
And that brings us here today were I’m going to treat you guys with 3 different posts for the Sleek Week.

And the first post for today is going to be about Sleek’s Lipsticks.
So if you want to see more of these super pigmented cuties, click for more.

Sleek has 2 different lipsticks, the True Color lipsticks which they just renewed and the Sheer Cover.

The True Color Lipsticks comes in a sleek black packaging and has an oval shape to it.
The performances of these lipsticks are super good as they have quite intense pigmentation and they’re so creamy. This makes the appliance super smooth. Each lipstick contains 3.5 grams of product.

From left to right: Blaze, Orchid, Cherry, Vixen, Apricot, Rose Petal and Organza

I own 7 of these lipsticks which I’m going to show some lip-swatches. Some of these lipsticks are also the ones that you can win in my Sleek Week Giveaway.





Rose Petal

* I totally forgot to swatch the Apricot lipstick. Stupid me =(
The other lipstick that Sleek have is the Sheer Cover. These ones are specially created for the nude look. They also contain 3.5 grams and are also as intense pigmented and creamy.


The only difference between the True Color and the Sheer Cover is the finish. The True color can give either a lightly glossy or matte finish to the lips while the Sheer Cover gives a shiny - glow finish to the lips.

Both these lipsticks costs €7,- at Sleek MakeUp which I do think is a tiny bit expensive. But yes, thank god for the great pigmentation!

Which are you favorites and which isn’t? Let me know in the comments. And stay tuned today for more Sleek Week posts!

* Don't forget to enter for the Sleek Week Giveaway! You could get lucky, you'll never know unless you try!

Much kissalicious for you all.
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