Monday, May 9, 2011

Sleek Week: Glitter Dip It Eyeliner's review

Last Wednesday 4th of May I went to the Sleek Swatched day which was held by Enchantra. This was my first event where I could interact with other bloggers.

On that typical day we could test and take pictures of a bunch of Sleek products for our blog. And for today I have a review of one of those products. It’s the Glitter Dip It eyeliners.
These eyeliners are not new to me as I own 2 of them. And as I never wrote a review on them I thought now is the chance.

If you want to see more of these glittery babies click on for more.

This is what the people of Sleek have to say about these precious babies…

“A clear formulation infused with thousands of light reflecting glitter particles, perfect for that dazzling diamond look. 

Unlike other glitter eye liners, once dried the glitter stays put and is not easily rubbed off.

Using the brush applicator apply the product where required on the eye area either on its own or with a contrasting eye shadow. 5.5ml”

First let us talk about the packaging. The Glitter Dip It comes in a cute clear little eyeliner bottle filled with a whole lot of glitters. Which means you can see the color that you want immediately. It also has this long handle which makes it easier to apply.

The applicator of this eyeliner is a brush and as I already said, the long handle helps to give a sturdy appliance.

This little bottle contains 5.5ml of product. If I compare this with my other eyeliner, then I think it’s just enough

The performance of this glitter eyeliner is quite good. As they promise, once it dries it’s not easily to rub off. I mean, some glitter does come off, but I really had to put some pressure so it could start fading away. So they do last and that’s a super plus!
But when I apply it I do have to dip it quite some times and apply 2 to 3 layers to get the absolute result. And that means I have to use more product, which also means that it will end sooner. Not so happy about that. =(
But I can live with it.

These Glitter Dip It eyeliners come in 8 different colors. But for this review I only swatched 6 of them. The most colorful ones that is. =D

* Hollywood; the gold glittery eyeliner
* Diablo; the pink glittery eyeliner
* Caribbean; the light blue one
* Gem; the dark blue eyeliner
* Rebel; the purple glitter eyeliner
* Mojito; the green glittery eyeliner

A blurry photo so you can see all the glitterness.

As for the price of these babies they are not expensive, certainly for the result you get. You can get them at Sleek Makeup for €5 each or if you’re living in Holland, Belgium, Germany you can get them at Echantra for €4,95.

To my conclusion these are some good glitter eyeliners that last, even though you have to apply more than one layer to get a great result. So if you are looking for a good, non-expensive glitter eyeliner, you don’t have to look further.

Hope that this review was useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Remember to come back here at Life fascinations as there’s more Sleek-ness coming up this week in my Sleek Week.

And don’t forget to enter for my giveaway which will end at the end of this Sleek Week!

Lots of glittery love. 
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