Friday, September 2, 2011

Bought's & Thoughts Catrice's Modern Muse

What would the make-up world be without all the limited editions?
I’d ask myself every now & then. I’ll guess the answer is that everything would be the same. Maybe a little less dramatic, but still the same.

Limited editions or LE as we called it are every beauty brands idea to cash in on us as beauty-freaks. Why you ask? Just the thought that you may never get that product again… It makes us nuts, go all coo coo and want to buy them all.

In my case, I love the LE’s but still think twice before buying, if I need it or not. But still I have a weak spot which is Sleek, which I think you’ll already guess. But besides that, I’m good.

Anyway to go to the main reason of this article I did a little make-up shopping lately of Catrice’s latest LE ‘Modern Muse’. A LE inspired by the 60’s celebrities using gold, bronzy colors but with a modern twist.

If you want to see my bought's & thoughts, just click for more.

The entire collection came with crème to powder eyeshadow in the colors Lord of the ‘Metall of Honor’, ‘Blings Jennifer’s,  ‘Goldrush’.

Precision eye pencil in ‘Khakitoo’, ‘I wood if I could’ and ‘Wildthing’.

New mascara, 2 in 1 type called the ‘Evolution to Revolution’.

Colour infusion longlasting lip stain in ‘Holly wood’ and ‘Red & the city’.

And last but certainly not least the Ultimate nail lacquer in ‘Rusty but sexy’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘In the Bronx ‘, ‘Khaki Perry’ en ‘Captain's sparrow boat’.

All the promotional pictures come from Catrice's website.

For me, I was not interested in all the products  but still wanted to try some, so I put my hand on 2 of the ‘made to stay’ eyeshadows, a ultimate nail lacquer and I also grab the last ‘evolution to revolution’ mascara in the shelf.

On my opinion the ‘made to stay’ eyeshadows are quite good by far. I did not test them to see if the crease, but the pigmentation they gave is pretty good and you can also use them as gel eyeliner.

The two colors I’ve got were “Metall of Honor” and “Jennifer’s Rush” – duh. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of swatches or an eye look since I took the pictures at night and they didn’t came out good. And I don’t like posting bad quality pictures here on Life Fascinations!

Moving next to the one Ultimate nail lacquer I bought which is a beautiful brown/ bronze color nail polish with gold/ bronze glitter in it with the name “In the Bronx”.

And last but not least the 2 in 1 “Evolution to Revolution” mascara who I was pretty curious about. I mean a mascara that can give you 2 different finish? I need to try that.
Okay, I know that it’s the same brush with more or less product on it, but still though I’m curious. You can read as many reviews that you want, but still can’t judge the product until you’ve tried it.

There will definitely be a review on this ‘wonder’ of a mascara so I can share my experience with you.

This was my little shoplog/review on the products I’ve bought. But wait… there’s more!
Do you want to be the lucky winner all 3 ‘made to stay’ eyeshadows? Then go right now to the Life Fascinations Facebook page  for more!

I wish my dollz a happy weekend and enjoy your life every single day to the max!
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