Monday, September 5, 2011

This one is a quicky!

How freaking’ cool is this? While typing this blogpost I’m sitting at Schiphol airport waiting to board my plane.

Okay okay, some of you already may know, but others would be raising an eyebrow right now. At the airport? 

Yes dollz, I’m going away to my lovely island Curacao for a couple of weeks to take care of my lovely mother. She had some surgery some weeks ago and since she can’t come to me, I’m flying to her.
But okay, back to business. As I told you I’m sitting here at the airport, just had a delish sandwich and now I’m waiting. Before the sandwich I swung by the MAC counter. And oh yes yes yes, I had to buy some some.

Anyway to keep it short, I noticed that they weren’t that big but still had quite some stuff. I started snuffling around looking for the “Packed to Go” when my eyes fell on 2 gorgeous colors. A gorgeous frosty sun yellow and an awesome pink which would be just perfect together.

And that’s not it. They are from this fall limited edition Style Driven. Something I didn’t even know about. Both are Pro Longwear eyeshadows and the names of the 2 colors I bought are: The yellow color is called Sun Outlook and the pink Tease with ease.
And I also bought my first paint pot.

Girls I’m going to wrap this up since I have to go to catch my plane. Wishing you a swell day and talk to you soon!
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