Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boughts & Thoughts: Zoeva Lip Crayons

I’m becoming more obsessed with lipsticks lately. It’s not that I don’t own any lip glosses, but the color that a lipstick gives is way more than any gloss.

A week ago I did a little order at ZOEVA, the German webshop where I ordered a couple of brushes months ago. I ordered a gift and then saw that they were selling these new items called the ‘Lip Crayons’. Like I said in my previous Zoeva post, they don’t sell only brushes and palettes, but also lip products and other eye products.

Anyway to get to the point, seeing those ‘Lip Crayons’ got me curious*as always* that I had to order 2 of them to try out.

So, if you want to know more and more about these crayons just click on for more.

“To emphasize the erotic effect of the lips we developed this Lip Crayon Collection in six sensual nuances. With it you can draw attention to your vivacious lips. The creamy consistency is pampering and it glides gently over the lips covering them with rich color intensity.

The Lip Crayons are just like any other jumbo pencil, has the same format as the NYX Jumbo eye pencil. It’s black with white text written and on the end of the pencil you can see the color of the pencil. 

This kind of packaging makes it really easy to apply. Just take the cap off, apply on the lips, cap on and you’re good to go! 
Maybe it’s a little longer then the common lipstick packaging, but still it’s quite easy to take along on a night out *just like taking a lipgloss along*

They carry vitamins such as vitamin E and mango seed oil for moisture and shine. And for their appliance, they’re really smooth and are super creamy and with all this they give a shiny creamy finish. Just like a lipstick should to be. 

From left to right: Naked, Vintage, Raspberry, Amarena, Malibu Peach, BonBon, Pin Up

They have 7 different colors till now which all are in the red/pink/peach area. For me, I picked the 2 colors that I most wanted to try out *since I wanted to try them all*: Malibu Peach and Pin Up.

Malibu Peach is a pinky peachy color which I really hoped would suit me since some peachy colors can make me look very weird. Anyway to the point, after applying it I was happy with the outcome of the color on me. I think it suits me well. It’s only a little bit sheer and I have to apply it really good on my lips to make the color come out good.

And with the Pin Up, I don’t even have to say a lot. Just *Wow* what a color and pigmentation! With this color you need to be careful not to mess up your clothes as it’s that pigmented that it can leave stains. I mean even after removing it of my lips, they were still pink/red. 

I personally love me some red lips and I rocked them whenever I can. And the Pin Up is really opaque compared with the Malibu Peach. I love it!

Because of their creamy texture they don’t temped to stay on long. They stayed a good 3 to 4 hour long on my lips and that was without eating or drinking. So go figure.

As for disadvantages, if the tip of the pencil breaks and you don’t have a sharpener with you, it’s not useful. You can’t screw more product out and then you’ll have to figure some way to get the product out which may end in disaster and messed up your clothes.

Unfortunately they don’t shipped internationally, but only to some countries in Europe. If you’re not in their shipping area, you can always look out for something alike.
Each ‘Lip Crayon’ contains 2.8 gr. of product and cost €4,20.

So, if you’re looking for an easy to apply red/pink/peach lipstick and living in Zoeva’s shipping area and you can spend €4,20 then you should definitely order these and try them. I’m happy with mine.

Okay, I’m going to enjoy my day *which just started* and that you all do the same.  
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