Friday, June 29, 2012

Share || A shining Star!

So I guess maybe you have to be a little tired of the latest blogposts, which all have been reviews. And I’m not even close to being done with them. But today to take a break from them I have something else for you.
While I’m writing this it’s freaking 4 AM and I still have to sleep yet. But I discovered a new channel on youtube and I really need to share it.
Yep! It’s 4 am and I’m watching makeup tutorials. Well in this case its makeup movies.

Watching all the excitement of last weekend’s IMATS, I stumble upon this shining star called Charis Lincoln. A 28 year old girl filled with happiness, joy and talent!

Her videos are amazing to watch. They are filmed by her lovely husband and edit by either her or him. She takes the time and effort to film and also pays attention to every detail. Like I said, it’s like watching a makeup movie. So entertaining! And she also won the NYX Face Awards! 

She inspires me on so many levels. In her I clearly see the definition of “doing good will come back in great way to you”

So without further ado… Charisma star TV!

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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