Friday, February 11, 2011

Review KIKO's Beauty must have

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you know that in December I went to Germany and there I ran into the KIKO Make Up Milano store. And you also know that I promised you to make a review of the products that I bought. So today I’m going to do a review of the Beauty Must Have Eyes kit.

If you curious about this brand, go ahead and click on ‘read more’ to read more about my review.

For those of you who don’t know the Brand KIKO, it’s an Italian brand that sells make-up at this very reasonable price. Currently they have stores in Italy, Spain, France and Germany.  I hope that they’ll expand and open a store here in Amsterdam. But until now, the best first option to buy KIKO is CentrO at Oberhausen.

Oke, let’s get reviewing. Like I told you, today I’m putting the Beauty Must Have Eyes 2 to the test. It’s this little kit containing a mascara, an mascara topcoat and a black kajal pencil. I’ve bought it for €14,50 which to my opinion is a super good price to pay for 3 cosmetics. 

Beauty Must Have Eyes 2

First I’m going to take the ‘Unforgettable mascara’ under the loop.
It comes in this bold silver case with black letters on it. And the applicator has this long curved shape which helps with the application. And the bristles are nice and separated.  It contains 8 ml. of product and cost €7,20 separately.

Unforgettable mascara

What’s the promise?
Long-lasting curling effect mascara with a special fiber brush that follows the outline of the lashes, separates and defines them for a weightless result. The curved brush and the specific direction of the bristles ensure maximum curling of the lashes.
Light, sinuous and shiny, the lashes reveal an exceptional ability to curve. Eyes become elegant and seductive.

True performance?
Well, this mascara matches to his promises. It was easy to apply, no clumps, it dries very quick and the most important after using the mascara my lashes became nice curly, long and soft. You know that heavy feeling you get sometimes after applying mascara, like you have to much mascara on. Well I didn’t had that feeling with this mascara, it was really light. It was just good.

No Mascara
With Unforgettable mascara

The next product of the BMHE2 kit is the “False Lashes Concentrate Volume topcoat mascara”. Seriously girls, I even didn’t know that there was an mascara topcoat. It comes in a shiny purple tube that is smaller and thicker than the ‘Unforgettable mascara’ mascara tube. The applicator is in a sphere shape. The tube contains 12ml. of product and also cost €7,20.

False lashes concentrate volume topcoat mascara

What’s the promise?
Volume-intensifying top coat mascara. The dramatic effect of false lashes in a unique mascara for the ultimate lash look. Its flexible and shapeable formula is designed for application over your favorite mascara, whose performance is enhanced without weighing down the lashes or forming clumps. Amazingly long and thick, lashes become outrageously glamorous. For a result that lasts all night long. Wonderfully thick, full-bodied lashes, to recreate on any type of mascara.

True performance?
Well at first I didn’t see that much of a difference. That was when I used the topcoat after my mascara had dried. Then I try it again and apply it right after I applied my mascara and then I did see that my lashes were a little longer and add little more volume. And the good is you can use this with any black mascara to pump up your lashes. It’s obvious that the disadvantage of this is that you must apply it to only black colored mascara. You can’t apply it to a purple or blue or any colored mascara, because you will lose the color.

With Unforgettable mascara
With False lashes concentrate

And last but not least the black kajal pencil. This simply just an kajal pencil. Nothing more, nothing less. A sleek black pencil to use on your waterline or even as an eyeliner. The pencil cost €4,20.

Black kajal pencil

What’s the promise?
A sophisticated, soft, gliding and easily-spread texture.
Long lasting. A more intense and mysterious glance, the eye is longer and more sensual.

True performance?
Like I said before. It’s just an black pencil like any other kajal. It’s soft and glide’s really well when use it. There’s nothing more to say, it does the job.

This is a very good kit and I mean for the price I couldn’t leave it. So why should you?

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