Thursday, March 31, 2011


Almost every woman uses a make-up brush to apply their make-up. Those make-up brushes come in every style and kind of different brands. Some of them don’t cost that much, but on the other hand there are those that are pretty expensive.

Most of the make-up lovers out there know that to apply your make-up you need a good quality brush. And those are not easy to find. Well, there are the MAC brushes or the Bobby Brown brushes which are of super good quality and can last you years, but also cost a lot.
Sometimes we need to save and then invest in some of our make-up tools, but right now I still think it’s too much to pay €50 for a MAC powder brush. 

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you'll know that I wanted to buy some good quality brushes while paying less than a MAC brush. And after some searching and thinking I decided to buy my brushes from Zoeva. This was my first time ordering from them.

Zoeva is a German company that sells as much as make-up and make-up tools. They have several palettes, eyeliners, lipsticks, brushes and more.

In their brushes selection they had a brush set just for the eyes; Eye definition. At first I wanted to get it, but after I gave it some thought I decided not to as I already have most of those brushes and they work very well. Finally I bought these next brushes.

* 106 Powder brush - €8, 20
* 128 Blush brush - €5, 80
* 226 Smudger brush - €4, 20
* 315 Fine liner - €3, 80

Shipping & Packaging
For the shipping I paid an amount of €5, 50 were I also got a tracking code to track my package. As for the shipping self it was pretty fast. Just as they say on their website. I made my order a Saturday, it was shipped on a Tuesday and I received my package on Wednesday.
As for the packaging my brushes came in a brown box with their website and slogan – Color. Love. Makeup. – printed on it. When opened the box I found a black paper which the brushes were into. From then I could see that they really take their time with the packaging. And after the black paper I found all of my brushes, each of them in their own little black & white package with the name and number of the brush, Zoeva and other information printed on. I really loved this; you can really see how much care they put into their products.

Brushes performance
The brushes are individually handcrafted. They looked nice and chic. Their handle is made out of wood with silver letters of the name and number on it.
Both powder and blush brush have Taklon bristles, the smudger has animal hair bristles and the fine liner bristles is made out of nylon.
As for their performance, you can take my word as I say that they are really soft and none of the bristle came out. They are of really good quality.

Overall I can say that I’m super happy with this purchase, as these brushes performed exactly as I expected and that they didn’t cost me that much. I can sure say that this will not be my last order at Zoeva.

I would definitely recommend them, but unfortunately they don’t shipped worldwide only to some countries in Europe. So for my dear readers on the other side of the ocean I would have to disappoint you. But you could always take a look on their website and maybe ask them if they could make an exception for you. You never know.

I hope you guys liked this review/haul.

I was not paid nor were I given any free product for this review. Everything was bought on my own and this is my honest opinion.

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