Friday, June 1, 2012

Nails || Going back to basic

Since I took off my acrylic nails I’ve been using the Trind Keratin Treatment as a nail care to speed up the process of them growing and getting strong.

Trind is known for having ‘The Perfect System’. And this particular Keratin treatment has been having beauty bloggers typing a whole lot of good things about it that I had to try for myself to see what the fuss is about.

The treatment consists of 2 steps. You have the Keratin Nail Restorer which is some kind of balsam that you apply on the nail to let it pull into the nail and then massage it onto the nail. It restores the nail strength and helps with the growth.

And the next step is the Keratin Nail Protector. This one is a nail polish that feeds and protects the nail from damages.

This wasn’t my first time taking off the acrylic nails, so I for one know that after that the nails can be quite brittle, sensible, and weak and takes way too long to grow back strong.
But while using the Trind Keratin Treatment my nails grew and got strong within a month or two. I was really happy with the results. 

Now I did a bad thing. I stopped using them and now I’m noticing that my nails have gotten weaker. Don't get me wrong, they are seriously a lot stronger than what thery were after I took off the acrylic nails. But now they break a lot and the growing process is going quite slow.
So now I’m going back to basic and I’m going to do the treatment with my nails. 

In a couple of weeks I'll do an update on how they gotten.

What kind of treatment do you use to take care of your nails?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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