Saturday, December 31, 2011

Magnolia Makeup Review

The last hours of 2011 and I’m writing my little review of my Magnolia Makeup pigments.
Magnolia Makeup is a makeup brand of 2 years made by freelance makeup artist Niala and her sister Tia.

“Magnolia Makeup, based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a company devoted to color. We are trying to fill a void in the cosmetic industry and our tool is the spectrum. At Magnolia Makeup we are known for our highly pigmented products. We want to continuously supply our customers with quality, fun makeup for any occasion.”

I’ve wanted to try their products for I don’t know how long, but still thought that $10 per pigments was a little steep.
But finally my patience paid off. They came with a great sale for Black Friday, a 50% off of their pigments and glitters! This means that the pigments were now $5! I order 7 different pigments.

In my haul video you could already see the different colors I bought, but today in this post I’m going to share my thoughts and also swatches with you.

I can’t say enough how happy I am with my pigments. They apply smooth with excellent pigmentation.

About the packaging, they come in simple 10 grams filled with 3 grams of product. The lids are black with a magnolia sticker on it and they also come with individual labels with the names of each color and the ingredients and with a sifter.

Like I told you before, for the price they cost normally $10 per pigment or glitter. Now I think that they are worth the price because of the great product. But on the other hand I was quite disappointed on the way my order was shipped.

When I finally got my order *it was the first thing I order on the Wednesday before Black Friday and it arrived as the last one of all my BF orders after 3 weeks*, I had to pay €19 of import duties. Once paid I opened it up it was just this box with the pigments thrown in it. II could hear the pigments in the box when I shake it (before opening). No protection, no bubble wrap, not even a receipt, NOTHING! Just pigments in a box.

For me presentation means a lot. Like with my Sugarpill order which was only 3 pigments and the lash glue. They came in a box, wrapped with this pink paper, even a Sugarpill sticker and also a sample. And to top it off, on the receipt was written ‘Thank you Jennifer’!
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that my MM order must have a sticker and a sample. No! If I could just see the dedication that was put through in my order I would be a happy girl. And it doesn’t matter that you bought 1 pigment or 10, paid for the full price or on sale. A purchase is a purchase.

Anyway back to the colors I bought. In the swatch pictures you can see from left to right:
Silver hologram gliz, Tinsel, Calliope, Who dat, Tricky, Gilded and Ella.

My 2 favorite colors of them all are Tricky & Gilded. For the swatch of the Silver hologram gliz I first apply some of the LA Splash glitter glue before applying the glitter so it can stick.
To my conclusion Magnolia Makeup has great pigments and I think that they are worth $10 a piece, but if you can wait for a sale, do it. That would be even better.
The only thing that I was not happy about was their shipping methods and a hope that they change that someday, because it may cost them customers some day.

What do you think of these pigments? Which one would you like to see in my next tutorial? Let me know in the comments.

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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