Friday, November 25, 2011

Tip: Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday!

If you asked me 1 year ago what ‘Black Friday’ means, I would probably have said that it’s something dark, maybe another version of Friday the 13th or a late Halloween celebration… I don’t know. But one thing for sure ii would have never ever guessed that this has something to do with shopping! And even better with super sale shopping!!!

For those that don’t know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where Christmas shopping traditionally begins. On this particular day most major retailers in the States like Wal-Mart and Target, open extremely early. And I really mean super early, around 4.00 AM!!! 
And that is not even the crazy part yet. Some people are so obsessed with the shopping that they go on thanksgiving night and camp out in line in the front of the building! Seriously?!
But it’s not only the big retailers, most of the webshops, good brands with expensive items, have the greatest sales. You just need a code *or sometimes not*.

Last year I found out about ‘Black Friday’ after everything was over. And OMG, I could have cried *but I didn’t*. The sales where awesome and they were all over. I really missed out.
So you know now that I’ve been really looking out for this year’s Black Friday!!! Checking where to order or not, what I want to buy both beauty and fashion related. 

And you gals know I can’t let this day go by without sharing my little research with you.
So, if you’re a shopaholic or just want to know all the good webshops *Sugarpill, Sigma, Coastal Scents & more* and their sale codes, just click for more!

* Sugarpill
This is one of my favorite brands. The color, the pigmentation…Love It!!! For review & swatches you can click here.

 “Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale starts at 12am PST tonight! Stay home, avoid crazy people, shop online, and don’t die in a Wal-Mart stampede or Toys ‘R’ Us gunfight this Black Friday.”

Starts: Friday 25th November 12am PST
Ends: Monday 28th November midnight
Sale: Friday 30% off and Saturday till Monday 20% off
Code: Pinkweekend

* EyeKandy Cosmetics
This is one brand that I don’t hear a lot about, but still deserves to be known and talk about. If you love glitters, you’ve got to try these out. For my review you can click here.

Starts: 25th November 12am
Ends: 25th November midnight <24 hours sale>
Sale: 40% off everything 12am – 12pm and 30% off everything 12pm – 11:59pm
Code: I will update this one later today, the code isn’t online yet

* Coastal Scents
One the most popular palette brands! Personally I have never tried them yet, but maybe there’s going to be a change in that today ;-)

Starts: 25th November 12am EST
Ends: 29th November 9am EST
Sale: 50% off Entire webstore!!!
Code: The discount will become visible during checkout (automatically).

* Illamasqua
I don’t know if this sale has something to do with black Friday or not, but…mweh, Who Cares!!! It’s free shipping and we can better enjoy it.

Starts: -
Ends: 25th November midnight GMT
Sale: Free worldwide shipping when spend over £50
Code: For in UK ‘FREEUK11’ and international ‘INTERNATIONAL50’

* Sigma Beauty
I’ve been really looking forward for this one. And even more after launching their synthetic & kabuki kit.

Starts: 25th November 9am US CST
Ends: 25th November 5pm US CST
Code: BF2011

Update: Due to high volume of traffic Sigma is EXTENDING the FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING to 11:59 pm CST

* Magnolia Makeup
Finally! You gals have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this one. I’ve wanted to try out Magnolia Makeup since last year. If you love colors like me, you should definitely try them out! Instead of the normal $10 for a pigment you pay $5 and get a whole lot of product! It's worth it!!!

Starts: 23rd November midnight
Ends: 28th November midnight
Sale: 50% off pigments & glitters and 20% off everything else
Code: No code needed

* GoJane

“GoJane’s Black Friday Sale is legendary thanks to our large selection of affordable and fabulous frocks, jaw-dropping jeans, and sky high stilettos. But... didn’t spy your favorite items on the list? Don’t worry - we’re giving you 25% off all regular priced items with the coupon code GJ25R. It expires on November 28, 2011 and that means you better hurry and snag the latest and greatest from GoJane before time runs out!”

Starts: -
Ends: 28th November midnight
Sale: Special selection sale items and 25% off all regular priced items
Code: GJ25R

* Lulu's
Next to GoJane, Lulu’s has some cute outfits and hot heels to offer.

Starts: -
Ends: -
Sale: Sale on different items
Code: No codes needed

As you can see, mostly of these deals are till monday, which is 'Cyber Monday'.
Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, created by companies to persuade people to shop online.
Happy Shopping!!! I know I will!

PS: Don't forget about the GlossyBox giveaway which will end this sunday at midnight!

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J ♥
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