Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NOTD: Hot Yellow Power

Hello hello my lovalicious babes!
How's everything been going??? Hope its well!

Yellow is hot hot hot for these hot summery days. It’s one of the 'It' colors for the summer.
And lately it’s extra hot to have yellow on Le nails. That's very noticeable, because every nail polish company is coming up with a nice yellow color especially to sell for the summer.

One super hot yellow nail polish is ‘Mimosa’ of Chanel. The thing is, I'm not a nail polish fanatic which means that I'm not the kind of girl to spend €20 or so for just a little bottle of nail polish. And I don't care if it's Chanel or whatever, I still think that it's a little to steep. 

But I still wanted to try out this nice yellow color eventhough I had my doubts if it would suite me or not.

Last week during the Enchantra event we could totally do some shopping and there I saw this hot yellow mama! I started thinking if I should buy it or not as I did totally love the color. Then I got to be told that this color is totally a dupe for the Chanel ‘Mimosa’. And that totally did it. Because I totally loved that nice yellow Mimosa, but like I said, I’m not spending that kind of money for a nail polish. But if I could find a cheaper version I would totally get it.
And totally I did. 

Here it is…
China Glaze’s ‘Solar Power’.

This color comes from the 'ECollection and I bought it for €5,91 - cost normally €6,95, but got 15% off that day.

What do you think? Did the color suit me or not? And do you own any yellow nail polish?

With lots of Love, Yellow, the power of sun and the many times I said 'totally'!
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