Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brushes Purpose 2 - Eyes & Lips

Most women nowadays use make-up brushes to apply their make-up. But I’ve been noticing that not everyone knows the different between brushes. Which brush to use to get that perfect finish. 

When I started being makeup–curious, I also didn’t know everything I know now. I went searching for a good explanation on make-up brushes. 

There are a lot of make-up brushes out there. Brushes for your face, contouring, blush, eye shadow and so I can go on. Every brush has a purpose to make it easier when applying. There are even some of them that I still have to discover. Besides that, there are also different kinds of brushes with different type of bristles. And after all you also need to look at a brush its quality. I know by experience that all of this can be very confusing. 

So for those who don’t know their way around the brushes or just want to learn more this is just what you’ve been looking for. In these next week’s it’s going to be all about brushes. I’ll be posting different articles of all the different brushes, all the type and kind, which is the best quality and the best brands. Also what are the basic brushes you’ll need to apply your make-up. And finally tips on how to clean your brushes and also a video of how I clean my brushes! 

Three weeks ago I posted an article all about the face brushes. And for this week we are going to bring the eyes and lip brushes under the spot!

Let’s get starting with the eye brushes. 

Just as the face brushes there’s a lot and I do mean A LOT of eye make-up brushes. Each brush has a different type of purpose. Like there’s the common eye shadow brush. It's the all-around brush to apply your eye shadow all over your eye lid. This one comes in different sizes, small, medium, large. The small one is really good to use in those small areas like the inner corner of the eyes. But depends on the person who’s using it to do what he/she thinks it’s the best way.

And then you have the famous blending brush. The name says it all. It’s a fluffy brush with the purpose to blend different eye shadow colors into each other or to fade away a color onto your eyes. It can also be used as a highlighter brush, to apply on the eyebrow bone.

You also have the eye liner brush. Basically it’s a really fine small brush to line your eyes. This brush comes in different styles. You got the simple eyeliner brush, also the precise eyeliner brush and also the angled eyeliner brush. The last one is good for people like me (he he) to apply their eyeliner much better without making a mess.

Besides the eyeliner there’s also the angled brush which some people use it to apply their eyeliner. But there more you can do with this brush. Beside the eyeliner it’s also being used as a shaper. For example; when creating a cut crease look, you can line and define the shape with this brush.

While we are in the angled department, let’s keep going on. Some people use the angled brush as a brow brush to shape up their eyebrows. But that brush sometime can be just a bit too soft. So then comes the angled brow brush which is a much sturdier to shape the eyebrows.

Another brush that can be used to define the colors is the flat definer brush. As the name says, this brush flat shaped and can easily be used to define and line the different colors.

When it comes to apply your make-up in the crease area, it can be pretty difficult while using any other brush. To apply the make-up pretty precisely into the crease one can use the pencil brush. This brush is has a pencil shaped tip with very soft and smooth bristles. It’s the pencil pointy shape that helps to apply the colors nice, deep and precisely into the crease area. 

Earlier in ths post I mention the all-around eye shadow brush and I added that there were many different and style of those brushes. But there is one that deserves it a little extra credit. It’s the short shader brush of well, the smudger brush. The shape of this brush is mostly like the eye shadow applicator brush, but then with shorter bristles. It can be used as a liner and smudge tool all around the lash line, for example to give a smokey effect.

And last but not least the lash and brow comb/brush and wand. The lash and brow comb/brush is the one with one side a mini comb and on the other side a brush. It’s meant to comb and brush the lashes and brows. The wand is just like any other standard mascara spool that has the same purpose as the comb/brush. To brush the lashes and brows. Just as simple as that. 

Well that’s it. Those were the most common eye brushes I know when it comes to apply your eye make-up. 
Now it’s time to move on to the lips part. As you’ve been reading this is a post about brushes. And since we already did the face and the eyes brushes, it’s time to go to the next chapter which are the lips. 

This is going to be an easy one, since there is only one type of brush for the lips. The shape of the brush is small and firm with a tapered tip and its use to soften up the lip liners and for the precisely application of a lip color.
This brush comes most of the time with a cover to cover up the brush after usage. That is to prevent germs coming up on the brush since it’s so sticky with the lip color. It’s more hygienic.

Like I already said before, all of these brushes are very confusing. So it’s good to know which one is which. And even if you already know it’s always good to read more. You never know, you might learn something new.

Did you already know all these brushes and their usage? And do you know any other type of brush that wasn’t mention in this post? Leave me comment and let me know.

Wishing you a lovely day.
Eyes, Lips & Brushes.
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