Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brushes Purpose 1 -Face-

As I told you all before, most women nowadays use make-up brushes to apply their make-up. But then I notice that not everyone knows when to use a typical brush such as the foundation brush or blending brush. When I started to be makeup –curious, I also didn’t know everything I know now. So I went searching for a good explanation on make-up brushes. 

There are a lot of make-up brushes out there. Brushes for your face, contouring, blush, eye shadow and so I can go on. Every brush has a purpose to make it easier when applying it on the face. There are even some that I don’t know about them yet. Besides that, there are also different kinds of brushes with different type of bristles. And after all you need to look at a brush’s quality. I know by experience that all of this can be very confusing. 

So I decided to make this post were I’m going to explain all the different brushes and their use, kinds and quality. But since writing this post, I’ve notice that this will be a long post, I divide it into different parts which I will be posting in the next weeks.

* Face brushes
* Eyes & lips brushes
* Type, kinds brushes
* Quality brushes & best brands
* The basics
* Cleaning brushes

As for today I’m going to tell you about the face brushes. So if you want to learn more on brushes, then keep reading for more…

These are by far the most common face brushes I know.

Powder brush
This brush is use to apply powder all over a face. It is a big fluffy round shaped brush which you can apply loose or pressed powder on the face. It spreads the powder lightly on the face and evens it out. These brushes might come in different sizes and depending on the size some people even use them to apply blush or bronzer.

Foundation brush
To get a nice and smooth, even finish flawless look, before applying all of the other make-up you’ve got to have a base. That base is your foundation. To get that flawless look can be tricky. You’ve got to have the perfect foundation color that goes with your skin, but you also need a good tool to apply it on your face. Some use their own finger tips, but others use a foundation brush.
A foundation brush is a big flat tapered brush that you can use to apply and blend your liquid foundation on all areas of your face; your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin to create a smooth look. With the tip of the brush can be use to reach those hard to reach areas of the face such as around the nose, mouth & eyes.

Stippling brush

This brush is made to blend out face products wet & dry, to get a flawless finish. The brush has this round, flat-topped shape with layered bristles that creates a nice airbrushed look.  I’ve notice that a lot of girls out there use it to apply their foundation which they say is better than the flat foundation, because it tends to leave strips and the stippling brush doesn’t. I didn’t notice a difference. But besides the foundation you can also use it to apply other face cosmetics such as a highlighter or blush. You have to know what works best for you.

Contour brush
Using a contour brush helps define your face. It creates dimensions and shapes the face. There are different shapes of contour brushes, but the most common one is a small round angled shape brush.

Blush brush
Blush is used to give a face a nice healthy look on the cheeks. And the proper tool for that is a blush brush. As the contour brush, the blush brush also comes in different shapes, it depends of the brand. But the most common shapes are either the small round angled brush, just like the contour. Or a round fluffy brush like the powder brush, but much smaller.

Concealer brush
We apply concealer to create a fresh look and to cover up those dark under eye circles, blemish or discolored face areas. And the brush that is used for applying it is a small flat tapered brush that is designed to blend the concealer.

Kabuki brush
A kabuki brush is a short- handled brush that is mostly use for applying mineral make-up. It has a soft, densely-packed, dome shape and the name comes from Japan. The Japanese theater, defined by the actors who wear heavy make-up. It can also be used for buffing your bronzer or powder.

Well, this was it. Next week I’ll be ‘writing’ more about the eyes & lip brushes. So remember to tune in for more.

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