Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update on me

Hey my lovely Ladies? How’s Life?
Hope all’s well! 

I’ve been a little off-blogging lately. That’s because first I was a bit busy with my midterms and also I was in such pain with a killer tooth. 

I went to my dentist who looked at it and recommend me to a tooth extraction. I was not amused by that, but it had to be done. So this week was that appointment. I gather all my courage and went for it. Well afterwards I didn’t hurt as I expected as she gave me a good dose of anesthesia. But when that entire anesthesia worked out…OMG I could feel everything. My face was all swollen up, couldn’t open my mouth… I think you get the idea.
I tried to write something as I promised you some post this week, but I couldn’t until today.
So as for today I’m back writing for you gals, trying to post 1-2 post every day.

And for today I’ve got a treat for you. I’m going to post 4 articles today as a compensation for the other days. So look out for them.

And last but not least, my giveaway. As most of you know I’m having my first giveaway which has to end today. But after some thought I decided to push it 2 days further as I was off these last days on the blogging scene. The giveaway won’t end today but it will end on Saturday, 2nd of April 2011 at midnight. So those who didn’t get the chance to enter don’t hesitate but just do it.

So ladies, this was it. Just a little personal post on what has been going on lately with me.  Remember to keep track of my blog today as there are 4 posts coming up for you guys to see.

Take care & we’ll speak soon!
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