Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The E.L.F. Luscious Liquid Lipstick Review

A couple of weeks ago I made another order on the Dutch EyesLipsFace . In this order I also bought for the first time the Luscious Liquid Lipsticks.

I’ve been wearing a lot of lipsticks lately, so when selecting the products I added six of these babies into my virtual shopping bag. And so for today I’m going to review them for you gals.

The colors I went for are Baby Lips, Perfect Pink, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry Tart and Brownie Points.

Each of these lipsticks come separately packed. Stupid me didn’t take a picture of them before I unpacked them.

After unpacking them you get this long crystal clear container, which looks a lot like a lip-gloss container. On one side a clear cap were you can see the applicator and the other side a twist cap thingy. Beside the ends, you could see the color of the lipstick.

To apply the lipstick, you need to twist a couple of times so the fluid could go up and through the applicator.  The first time is going to take more twist to get the fluid out.
My first impression of this lipstick was that it’s more of a lip gloss than an lipstick. The pigmentation was quite good for the 1 euro price. It’s like a good pigmented lip-gloss. They are creamy and very easy to apply. And also not to sticky.

But there was something that I didn’t like that much. When I was applying them I could smell mint and also I could feel my lips all tingly. I’m not a fan of mint, I know most people like mint, but I don’t. So when I realize that it got me a bit disappointed in these lipsticks. But what I did notice is that not all of these lipstick are the same minty. Some are more than the other. 

To my conclusion I think the Luscious Liquid Lipsticks are good. Especially if you’re paying €1. And if you like the mint, then they are even better. For me, after seeing the pigmentation of them beside the Baby Lips, I was sold. But I’m not sure that I’ll re-buy them again. I think one time will be enough for me.

What’s your opinion on these “lipsticks”? Let me know your opinion here below.

Enjoy your day!
Lipsticks & kisses.
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