Friday, April 15, 2011

My Fellow Native Bloggers

It’s been almost six months ago that I started with this blog. And even though some time due to lack of time I can’t post daily, I still love my time blogging and interacting with all the readers and also my fellow bloggers.

As you all know, I’m born and raised on the beautiful island Curacao. Currently I’m living in Holland and speak most of the time Dutch. I blog in English but I still speak my native language ‘Papiamento’ every day.

Like I already said I’m quit new to the blogging seen. Blogging has been here for years now and no matter your interest, there’s a blog out there for you to read. But blogging hasn’t been as popular on our little island. And there’s not many Curacao bloggers out there.  

Recently some of my fellow bloggers have been putting the spotlight on others so their readers can get to know them better. And then I thought that it’s time to turn the spotlight and focus on them. But not as any other blogger, but as my lovely native Curacao bloggers! So for today I’m going introduce you to 4 of those few Curacao bloggers out there.

First I’m going to start with Ash Defines*. This blog is written by Ashna. She’s a very good friend of mine which I’ve known since kindergarten and we also share the same B-day!

Written by: Ashna C.
Age: 25
Location: Curacao
YouTube channel: Ash DefinesTV

She’s the big sister of us blogger since she’s been blogging for more than a year now. Her blog is all about fashion & make-up and she also have her own YouTube channel were she talks in our native language all about mascara’s, foundations, MAC… in just one word, Make-up!
She makes the most gorgeous makeup looks. You should definitely check her blog and YouTube channel out. And don’t worry about the language, her blog is all in English and she has subtitles on her YouTube videos.

My second fellow blogger is GlamorousGia.

Written by: Gianni W.
Age: just days before turning 21!
Location: Belgium
Shop: GGshop 

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ve notice that I did a post on helping a fellow blogger out. That fellow blogger is Mz. Gia.  She’s a medicine student who blogs about beauty, fashion and music but also has this creative side where she makes super cute accessories such as earrings or rings.

So don’t you even hesitate and go take a visit as fast as you can at her blog. And while you’re at it, vote for her on ILoveFashionNews so she could win her own web shop! When enter you’ll also get a chance at winning €500!

Than as a third blog we have the blogger Aily with A MakeUp Lover.

Written by: Omaily L.
Age: 19
Location: Curacao

As her blog name already says, she’s a make-up lover. Her blog is all about beauty and make-up. She writes about her styles icon, give make-up tips and much more. And although she mostly blogs about beauty, recently she gave her blog a little twist with something called fashion which she also writes about it. 
So if you love beauty and fashion, you should definitely check Mz. Aily’s blog out! 

And last but certainly not least Confession of this Shopaholic written by Tiffany.

Written by: Tiffany A.
Age: 20
Location: The Hague, the Netherlands

As her blog already says, she’s a shopaholic who loves to blog and confesses about it. She shares her love and passion for fashion. She has a very unique taste and great inspirations! If you love fashion or even if you don’t, take a look on her blog to get to know her even more.

So this was it people! I’m going to say it again, share the love and visit these blogs, I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

Wishing you a ‘swell’ day!
Blogs & kisses, Mz. Jenjuain
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