Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Power of words!

This is truly inspirational.  I saw this YouTube video on the blog of YouTube guru Kandee Jonhson and it really hit me.

I know that this isn’t about beauty or fashion and stuff, but after seeing this video several times I thought I really had to share it with you all.

Words. Just simple words. How people ignored the sign: "I'm blind, Please help". But when they saw the words "It's a beautiful day and I can't see it" change their whole point of view.

Words can help build somebody up or bring him down. Words can make you happy or make you sad. Words can hurt a friend really bad!
So people really, choose your words wisely. Don’t talk just to talk or write just to write, but think before you do it. Even when you’re mad, just try to find your center and choose your words. Choose your words, because they can be really hurtful to another, even more painful than any physical pain. Use your words for the better. Make others happy, encourage them, be POSITIVE!

I’m not perfect, nobody is. But we sure can try and be a better self every single day and so build a better world.

Hope that this post didn’t bored you but made you think a little more.

Much thoughts & love. 
Mz. Jenjuain
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