Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring nails nails nails

Hiya Dollies!

This is such a beautiful day! I’m so happy, because it’s my mommy’s B-day! She’s celebrating with all her loved ones –minus me- there on the beautiful island of Curacao. I sooo wish I could be there with her to celebrate. But that’s how life goes; you can’t always be where you want to be. But she knows that I’m there, in her hart! Love her to death!

So as you all know its spring. And while sitting at home and looking to my nails I thought that they looked kind of dull and was in big need of some spring color on them. So I went through my nail polish stash to see what color I had for my nails.

I ended up choosing these 5 colors. All in the coral en red-ish direction. 

Dessert Haze, Champagne, Passion Pink, Bloody Mary To Go, Meet Me At Coral Island.
And as I couldn’t choose between them I thought of polishing each nail one color. From the lightest color to the darkest. Ombre style anyone?
And this was the result.

You can’t see the difference between some of them, but I’ll explain the colors.

First I have E.L.F.’s Dessert Haze on my thumb. 

Then I polish another E.L.F. on my forefinger, Champagne. 

Not trying to be rude or anything –he he– polished the middle finger with yet another E.L.F. polish, Passion Pink. 

On my ring finger I put Catrice’s Meet Me At Coral Island.

And on my tiny little finger Catrice’s Bloody Mary To Go.

So, after taking some pictures for you gals of my nails in the beautiful sunset here in Holland, I took a look for myself and finally made a choice. I chose Red polish Bloody Mary To Go since I doAt Cn’t wear red that much and also I wanted to wear the Meet Me oral Island but put it on hold for next week. Since it’s going to be Queensday and everything – Believe me when I say EVERY-thing – will be about orange here in Holland!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and we’ll speak soon!
Lots of nail & polishes!
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