Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Nouba-tastic Review

Monday I posted a mini haul on my newest additions and I promise a new post reviewing these products and also sharing the swatches.

Like I previously told you I bumped into this ‘high end’ drugstore where they had a 50% off sale on all their Nouba products that needs to be sold-out since they want to start selling a new brand. And knowing me I couldn’t pass of such great of a deal but still didn’t want to buy something just to buy.

So while still standing in front of the Nouba counter the previous nice lady wanted to help me. We started to look for the most beautiful rare products where my eye fell on this beauty of an eyeshadow. It’s not red neither pink, it’s in between. 

The ‘Nombra’ eyeshadow is a single baked eyeshadow that has a nice smooth texture and comes with a great pigmentation. The color that I bought was number 314 and can best be described as an inbetweener of red and pink. If you look good you can also see some golden shimmer in it. Pretty!

Along with the eyeshadow I also loved this next blush. It’s called ‘Blush on Bubble’ and it’s also baked. The number that I liked is 48 which is a beautiful orange reddish terracotta color blush with also golden shimmer. Again it has a great pigmentation that you can never get enough of.

My third and last product which I totally wasn’t going to buy was a highlighter. I blame this on the nice lady. It’s her fault I fell in love with this highlighter. She just swatch this on my arm and then I could hear the angels in makeup heaven sing: ‘Ahhhhhhh…’

The ‘Earth Powder’ is kind of in the bronzer area and this one is also…you guessed it BAKED! It comes in the same packaging as the blush on bubble and has the same soft smooth texture. The color I bought is the number 3 which is described as rich golden shimmery color.

All of these products can be applied dry and wet and the blush can even be used as an eyeshadow. Like I already said the textures are very soft and smooth and they apply really easy. You don’t need too much. And the eyeshadow blends really well. As a matter of fact this was the eyeshadow I used in my January challenge look

As for the packaging they come in this black matte packaging with Nouba written on and the eyeshadow even comes with a little sponge applicator hidden in the back.

Now let me talk prices. Like I said before Nouba is quite pricey. But with the 50% sale I saved quite some money and I can tell you that if there wasn’t  a sale I would have never bought all these 3 products at all or maybe if I did buy them I would have never buy them in 1 bought.

The Nombra eyeshadow was €19,90 and I got it for €9,95. As for the blush on Bubble the normal price was €26,90 and I got it for €13,45. And the Earth Powder retails for €24,90 and I paid €12,45 for it. All of this sums €35,85 which is awesome! I was clearly a happy camper with my newest purchase. And believe it showed, I was almost skipping out of the shop XD

I’m really thinking about it of going back and buy more stuff. But I’ll try and hold myself just because I have enough and don’t need that other stuff.

Do you own any Nouba products? What do you think of this brand? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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