Monday, February 6, 2012

A Nouba mini...

There is one word in this whole world that every woman can relate to. Okay, not just every woman, also some guys *those who loves to shop* and also the gays! It doesn’t matter in what language it is we manage to understand it just because we love love love it! 
Just one word. It’s the old goody SALE!!!

Last week, while running for some errands I bumped *literally* into this ‘high end’ drugstore which normally I don’t go into but this time just for no reason I decided to go in, walk around and take a look.
Then I remember I needed some nail treatments for my weak weak nails. I started to look with a purpose. Couple of minutes later, without any luck I decided to make a last round, take a look at their makeup and get the hell out of there. Remember, pricey drugstore.

Walking around the corner and there it was… the Nouba counter with 50%... I repeat 50% SALE!!! Asked this nice lady why is Nouba on sale? “Well it’s because we want to sell a new brand and this one needs to go”. It doesn’t get better than that.

Nouba is a makeup brand that focus more on the dark skin tone *correct me if I’m wrong* and their products are definitely eye candy. But their prices are also some eyeF@!*%$! *at least to me* And that’s why I never buy something from them unless it’s super pretty. I currently owe one lipstick which I wrote a review on last year. Click here for the review.

So with that 50% off I had to get some things. I repeat, Nouba has some gorgeous products, but I promise myself not to buy things just because they are pretty and also I don’t want the same color again and again and again just from a different brand in my collection.
I ended up buying 3 different products, an eyeshadow, a blush and a highlighter.

I noticed that all Nouba products don’t have a name but a number which by the way is less fun *I like to see the rare names they come up with for each color like the OPI’s polishes and it's easy to remeber by that silly name*. 

The ‘Nombra’ eyeshadow I got is a pretty red/pink baked eyeshadow with the number 314. As for the blush it’s a beautiful terracotta baked blush with the number 48. And the highlighter is a nice warm gold shimmery color with the number 3.

When writing this post I wanted to combine the review but then I notice that it will be a super long post, so that’s why I decided to split it and make 2 different post. So if you really want to see some swatches be sure to come back tomorrow for the post.

I’m super happy right now with my latest addition to my collection and who knows maybe I can't resist anymore and I’ll be going back to buy more. 

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I wish you gals an awesome day and a blessed week and we’ll speak soon. And remember never do something with regret, if you want to go for it, just go for it!

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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