Friday, February 3, 2012

We're Vlogging January 2012

I’m starting this new episode on my YouTube channel called: We’re Vlogging. Yep that’s right I’m the newest addition to the vlogging community. 

Why? Well I’ve been walking around with the idea for quite some time, but I’m a little embarrassed to be walking around and talking to the camera. It’s weird. But you have to start somewhere. By sitting and thinking about it I’m not getting anywhere.

Vlogging is a cool way to document your life since I live far away from my parents and friends I can share my life with them, they can see what I’ve been up to. And also it's great memories for myself.

Now okay, this January vlog is mostly in my house, but its baby steps.
I’m going to do these monthly because I don’t have enough footage for daily or weekly vlogs.

I hope that you like it and let me know in the comments what you think about this.

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J

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